Bed Time Brawl

I am a restless sleeper as I toss and turn all night throwing the covers off of me and then back on again. I take a frozen bottle of water to bed with me every night because I wake up several times and I am always thirsty. Michael cannot sleep unless he is touching me and he makes it a point to claim his space between my shoulder blades and there he sleeps all night.

Gabe sleeps at the foot of the bed and sometimes he will sleep next to Michael and I cuddle with them like a lover. I lie in bed for about an hour every night thinking, just thinking about the day or selling of the house or who knows. Shelby and I will be heading to the rv on Saturday and we will come back either Saturday evening or Sunday morning as we haven’t decided yet.

It’s Christmas in July at the campground so it will be super crowded and I am hoping that someone wants to buy the rv. Ryan will stay home as usual and the boys will come with us. It’s nice up there but I hate the drive and do not enjoy it when it is crowded. I seem to sleep so late when I am up there and it must be the country air that knocks me out. Wow, the summer is once again flying by but I am looking forward to closing up the trailer for the season.

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