The Fear

Mike and Gabe are scared to death of thunder and lightning and they couldn’t get any closer to me if they had tried. They curl up in a ball and push themselves into my chest as if that is the safest place they could be. I sleep like a log and didn’t hear a thing but my kids said the thunder was super loud and shook the house. I do remember waking up and seeing the lightning but then I fell back to sleep.

This has been a strange summer but I shouldn’t be surprised because Michigan weather is screwed up with the winter being ridiculously cold and the summer just being strange as we have had a lot of rain this year. I haven’t been to the rv in a month and the grass is so damn long so we will be heading that way Saturday once Shelby gets out of school. I have had a couple call me to see the rv and they asked me not to sell it until they see it, wtf???

I had a lady ask me to do the same thing about six weeks ago and she never showed and wouldn’t pick up when I called her which is so fucked up. She should have just said she found something else or she had changed her mind. I do hope these people show up and buy the place because it is such a waste of money as we do not use it as we once did. Im not going to hold my breath but damn the money would come in so handy as I need to buy another car.

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