I wish you would meet someone so you would forget about me even though that won’t be easy because I am a one of a kind. I’m silly, crazy, funny, kind, considerate, caring, loving and so much more and no one compares to me. Saying that, I really wish you would allow yourself to let someone in your life because you won’t let me and you need someone who you can trust and rely on to be there.

What you are looking for in a woman isn’t easily found and even though you have found it in me you refuse yourself to let me into your life. It’s time for you to forget about me and move onto a real woman,  a woman who will care for you for who you are inside and I am sure you can find that type of woman out there somewhere in all of your travels. I know what I have to offer a man and you do to but for some reason you just refuse to let me in.

You need to quit living in a fantasy world and join the real world once again without me on your mind. You spend way to much time focusing on my life and what I am doing that you have forgotten about yourself and your happiness. I truly wish you the best and hope you will open yourself up to someone because you need to be loved so bad that it is breaking my heart to see you this way.

Moving On

When you lose your spouse to death only you and you alone can decide when it is best for you to start dating. It isn’t an easy decision because you are dealing with left over emotions from your marriage. Some people can move on rather quickly because they cannot stand being alone and need the company of another on a regular basis and then there are those that never move onto another relationship.

I have seen people remarry as soon as six months after they have lost their spouse and they tend to do very well with their new spouse and their life together. I have a neighbor Mike who lost his wife a decade ago and he attempted to date but it just wasn’t for him. Unfortunately, he had to put his dog down and losing your spouse and your dog well that just totally sux.

I have had people ask me when will I start dating and I just say I do not know because it is none of their business that I have already dated here and there. I do not like anyone knowing my business but my neighbors are so damn nosey I have to watch every move I make. When I was seeing “C” I would park my car in the driveway and have him park in the garage so my neighbors wouldn’t know I had a visitor.

I think it is best to keep your private life private until you are really comfortable in your relationship with another then go ahead and introduce that person to your friends and eventually your family if you think the relationship will stand the test of time. It is always best not to introduce the one you are dating to your kids until you feel that the relationship is a strong one.