We got home from the rv and the kids decided to make homemade pizza even though they didn’t know what they were doing until I entered the kitchen and saw the mess! Shelby had pizza dough stuck to her hands because she didn’t know she had to coat her hands with crisco to keep the dough from sticking. Ryan didn’t do much but put the water in the microwave to heat up so it would activate the yeast in the dough.

Sometimes bonding can be so much fun and watching these two made me laugh.2014-07-26 20.37.07 2014-07-26 20.37.11 2014-07-26 20.37.18 2014-07-26 20.37.19 2014-07-26 20.37.25 2014-07-26 20.38.41 2014-07-26 20.38.43 2014-07-26 20.39.25 2014-07-26 20.39.27 2014-07-26 20.40.05 2014-07-26 20.40.08-1 2014-07-26 20.40.08-2


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