How’s That Working

So you deleted your account that was on my facebook I assume because you are no longer reading every post the second it is posted. Why? Is what I write getting to you? Is it hitting home? Are you feeling compelled to make a move in your life to make yourself happy? You know what I write is true and you  are feeling so dissatisfied with your life and you want a change.

I think you are scared and I think you feel as if I am persuading you to do things that you swore you never would do. You may not read everything immediately but you cannot help yourself now can you? I do not know what you are feeling but you are not wrong and you shouldn’t feel bad in the least bit. I do not believe in this day and age that two people are meant to marry young and stay together through out their lives.

You have become addicted to me and you are now trying to stop your obsession and by not reading what I write immediately is the first step. I feel for ya babe but you are fighting something that you are not meant to fight and I doubt that you will win in the end. You still think about me all of the time and you still get lost in thought thinking of me and you know it.

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