Tic Toc

Tic toc goes the clock as we watch our lives pass away day by day. Some of us are dreamers and dream of happier times and some of us dream and get lost in our own fantasies. We push away those that care for us and we dream of being with another yet we do nothing about it as we watch the clock, tic toc, tic toc. We play with others as if life is a game and we are the master of the game.

When we realize we are nothing but a pawn, a good time for the bored we know we must move on and no longer listen to the tic toc. We must stop the hands of time and change the direction of our life letting go of what no longer serves us. I am not one to hurt another but so many have chosen to hurt me and now it is time for me to break the clock of time from past and no longer let the past rule me.

He has laughed and thought the game he was playing was a game for one, for him alone to know but he didn’t know is that I knew that he was a player. He will never find happiness because he is a player and his life is barren of real love, real happiness and contentment. I find my  own peace from knowing that I am true to myself and follow my heart while he lives a lie, tic toc, tic toc.

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