The Evil Breakup

I can remember being a very bitter person in my younger years when I had a break up with a guy. I wasn’t the type of woman to flatten tires or anything like that but bitter, yes I was. I can actually understand the mentality behind someone wanting to make the one that left them pay and no I do not agree with it but yes I do understand it. When we are the ones left behind we are hurt and we want the other person to hurt as much as we are.

Some people have a difficult time letting go and will do almost anything to hurt the one that they loved. Men tend to stalk more so than women but women tend to be more violent with passive aggressive behavior. A woman is more likely to break your windshield or flatten your tires as well as show up at places you  two shared together. A woman will sit in the corner waiting for you to walk in with another woman and follow that woman into the restroom and fill her head full of one sided break up stories.

Then we have the person that will take your private photos and plaster them all over the internet, send them to your wife if you are married, send them to your children, brothers and sisters and any relative they can reach on the internet. I will admit that I have threatened to do just that but would I? No, I wouldn’t because hurting someone who hurt me isn’t going to change the situation now is it?

I think the best way to deal with a break up of any kind is to wish the person well and really mean it because that frees you from anger and resentment and it is a spiritual move that helps you grow. It doesn’t improve my station in life or my self esteem to hurt anyone that has hurt me and by wishing them well I am actually wishing myself well and not allowing anger to control me.

This is exactly why I have ended every relationship on friendly terms at the best and a simple good bye at the least. I know that wanting to harm someone because they no longer want to be involved with you on any level isn’t going to make them love you or want to even be your friend. Of course there is a small amount of anger and resentment to every breakup but that doesn’t mean you have to be a stone cold bitch or bastard.

Mother Daughter

My daughter and I have a great relationship as it is one of honesty and straight forwardness. We talk about everything and she is always telling me to suck a dick which makes me laugh. My daughter has a great sense of humor and she is so funny as she always makes me laugh and she has come to do quite a bit of speaking for the pets as of lately. She pretends to know what the pets are thinking, lol.

She just asked me why I should never play with the fastest animal in the jungle-because he’s a cheetah, lmao. I am fortunate to have such a good relationship with her because at one time we didn’t get along to well because of the divorce. I am thankful to have her support and she keeps putting me in my place when I get to mouthy with her, lol. Having a good relationship with your kids is so rewarding and I am thankful for what I have with mine.