Mother Daughter

My daughter and I have a great relationship as it is one of honesty and straight forwardness. We talk about everything and she is always telling me to suck a dick which makes me laugh. My daughter has a great sense of humor and she is so funny as she always makes me laugh and she has come to do quite a bit of speaking for the pets as of lately. She pretends to know what the pets are thinking, lol.

She just asked me why I should never play with the fastest animal in the jungle-because he’s a cheetah, lmao. I am fortunate to have such a good relationship with her because at one time we didn’t get along to well because of the divorce. I am thankful to have her support and she keeps putting me in my place when I get to mouthy with her, lol. Having a good relationship with your kids is so rewarding and I am thankful for what I have with mine.


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