Let Them Go

For years I have been attracted to one particular man but of lately I have decided to just let him go his own way and me go mine. He is someone who is full of himself and he loves to play games with me. He has gotten me to fly to another state to meet him only for him not to show up and he has pretended to be a shitload of different guys on the internet just so he could communicate with me. He is married and unhappy but stays married for his own reasons which are getting him no where but more unhappy.

He enjoys fucking with me and I have finally decided that I have had enough and will no longer be one to engage with his childish bullshit. He is bored and lonely and doesn’t know what else to do with himself between flights from country to country. I have no respect for him any longer and have no desire to have any type of communication with him because quite frankly he has come to be nothing but a bore to me.

He’s the type of guy that married very young, a virgin bride or his bride fucked him and only him before they married and no doubt has never given him a blow job during their entire marriage and of course he would never ask his wife to suck his dick. He is into porno and talking sex online because he isn’t getting laid as much as he would like to by the wifey. I have no doubt she is a very nice person but sexually all she has had is his cock and she isn’t sexually experienced to give him the pleasure he seeks.

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