Isn’t it amazing how your emotions can have such control over your behavior? What you think? What you feel? So many people believe in soulmates and they know that when all they can think of is that one person then they have connected with their soulmate. There emotions remind them constantly of that one person that have, can and will change their life forever for the better and even if they are involved with someone else it is just a matter of time before they make that physical connection with their soulmate.

You can never forget your soulmate and you can never get them out of your mind or heart no matter how hard you may try. You may be mean and hateful to the because you do not like the control they have over you and you think your actions will push away that person forever, how stupid are you to think that will work? Nope, that will never work because a soulmate cannot be pushed out or your life because they are permanent and forever there.

So you say but I have a husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend and I love that person so why would I be so attracted to another? It’s because your current relationship has nothing more to offer you, nothing more to teach you and your soulmate is the only one that can help you to continue to grow and learn. You may also say I will never leave my current relationship but we both know that in your heart you want out so badly you can taste it.


Your soulmate will be with you when the time is right, when you are ready for them and when you will open yourself up to what they have to offer you and only then will you finally be with that one person you are meant to be with. Isn’t it funny how your emotions can lead you to that one person but your lack of maturity will allow you to open yourself to them? You act like an immature little child and your behavior becomes appauling even to yourself but you cannot help yourself, now can you???????

You will always think about that one person and you will always wonder what they feel like, smell like, taste like and you will continue to dream of them, masturbate to the thought of them. Your life will always be incomplete without them by your side and this will forever be the driving force that keeps you doing everything you can to keep connected to them even if it is only by that red string until you can be with them physically.