Stand Up

Did you ever notice that if you say something negative about someones sister or brother that they will stand up for their sibling more often than not? This is usually the case when people are married as well but when your spouse calls you  a bitch or allows anyone to call you derogatory names then you have no respect for your spouse and actually feel great resentment towards them.

There are those that call their spouses bitches to others and yes this shows great disrespect for that person and it also shows a lack of respect for themselves. One should never say anything negative about their significant other to anyone that is not close family or close friend that one can confide in. Any man that says things bad about his spouse shows that he has no respect for her and he will show you the same lack of respect if you end up with him.

When you feel this way then you need to leave the marriage because you are slowly building hatred towards your spouse and this isn’t healthy for you or for them. You should never allow anyone to say anything negative about your spouse because you once loved that person very much and respected that person as well. You cannot blame anyone for your unhappiness because you and you alone made the decision to commit to marriage and if you are not happy then dammit commit to divorce.

My stalker doesn’t have any respect for his wife and hasn’t for years because he isn’t happy one bit and tries to blame his wife because they married so young. He didn’t mind having her spread her legs and spit out four kids but unfortunately for him he never was given a daughter but four sons instead. He once loved this woman very much as he screamed it out to the world  Ti amo irina and that  was when love was sweet.

As they grew older they have grown apart and he wants what most men want, an exciting sex life, his cock sucked and a woman who will allow him to express all of his sexual desires. He would never ask his wife to perform any sexual act because, well that would make him look sick in her eyes or so he may think and maybe he did try to get her to do open up sexually but that would never happen, nope.

I once admired and respected him but not any longer and I have no desire to break bread with him any longer. I am not one to hurt others but when they won’t leave me be then they are poking a sleeping dogs and we all know it is best to let sleeping dogs lie. I will contact his wife or family members and send them his naked pic he sent me and I will make it clear to them that he can try to lie his way out of it calling it photoshopped but it isn’t.

I want him out of my life for good and I tried to be his friend but he doesn’t want to be friends, nope he is a  pig and thinks he can control me like everyone else in his life but that will never happen. I am never going to be his puppet like so many others in his life and if he isn’t careful he will fuck up many good things in his life. Hell, he has financed every member and extended member of his family and they look at him as a meal ticket, how sad is that?

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