Gift Or Curse?

Some people can sing beautifully and some people are given the gift of being a sports idol and then some are given the gift of knowing things without any knowledge or proof of it being. I have been given the gift of knowing, yes I know things just because and that is just the way it is. When I am grounded and in a well adjusted state of mind I can easily pick up when someone is trying to play me or when they are lieing to me.

I am not sure if this is a gift or curse but I do know that I hate hurting anyone and avoid it at all costs but sometimes there is a person that wants to hurt me because they cannot control me and they resent their own emotional connection with me and want me to pay in some way for their own emotional weakness. I have no desire to hurt this person but he has become careless over the years and has left himself open to actually knowing it is him for sure.

I could easily contact his family members and send his naked pic to them and I have so much proof it is him that has contacted me over the years but I have no desire to hurt him. Sometimes, mental illness only seems to affect one person in our family but the truth is stalking is caused by mental illness as well. This person is a billionaire but he is not the only billionaire that is stalking online.

I have been weighing out the good and bad of contacting his family and letting them know that he is stalking me and has for years and yes I can and will provide the proof they need to believe it. He will deny, deny, deny but the evidence cannot be ignored and his family will be in such shock and denial for a while but then they will realize that he is a sick person and all of his money cannot make him free of the mental illness that has controlled his obsessive behavior.

I finally told my bf friend about him and showed her the information about him online and she couldn’t believe he was stalking me until I showed her all of the proof I had. After looking at everything even she couldn’t deny it was him stalking me and she was quite surprised as well. She thinks he wants to meet me badly but because he is married and his wife has her thumb on him he cannot meet me without her finding out and that could never happen now could it? Nope, she would disgrace him among all family and friends and that could never do for him.

He is acting like a typical stalker, blaming me for his desire of me, being hateful, being kind, trying to find out everything he can about my life and my family ect. This is all typical stalking behavior and he needs to get help and get it fast. He could very easy pay someone to hurt me and it wouldn’t surprise me if he did so and yes he could even have me killed but would he? Who knows because he is a stalker and stalkers are very sick people.

My stalker used to be very attractive but as he ages he has lost much of his physical appeal and he is no longer wearing his age very well. The surprising thing is he has so many wrinkles at 45 years of age and I have yet to show a single wrinkle on my face. I am getting healthier every day and he is slowly losing his health, his vitality, his desire. He will stay in an unhappy relationship because to leave it would be such a blow to so many people and that would come back to haunt him or so he thinks.

He is the type of person that will wait for his spouse to die before he finds true happiness but the truth is she will out live him and he will lie on his death bed with so many regrets and so many unfulfilled desires. He is no longer the young attractive young gent, o no he now is an old man who is bitter and regretful and hates having anyone not want to kiss his ass and bow down to him and he will attempt to hurt anyone that doesn’t do his bidding but that is to bad now isn’t it???

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