Being celibate for the last five years has kept me from experiencing some pretty strange things sexually I guess. A friend of mine went out with a guy and ended up in bed with him and he used a chin-strapped dildo on her, lmao. She was in shock that he would use such an item on her without her consent but then again what the hell is she doing in bed with someone she just met?

Im not against sex, o no not at all but I do not believe in sleeping with someone for the sake of getting your rocks off. Im not a prude, just someone that believes it is important to know the person you are sharing your body with and sharing their body fluids. So many people have herpes and yes they should tell you but do they?

Some people will brag that they are getting laid but is their quality to the sex they are getting or is it strictly to get off? I wouldn’t enjoy sex just for a nut all of the time because I want to feel the very soul of the person I am having sex with. I want to share myself so deeply with that person that they feel something that they have never felt before.

So I will continue to wait for the one that fits well with me and yes staying sexless is difficult but at least I do  not have any regrets or feel cheap like so many others have and do. If you are not having quality sex then why waste your time?

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