To Commit

No one enters into a relationship thinking that it will not last or at least most do not. When we marry we think that we will live happily ever after and stay with that person until we die. We do not give thought to how both individuals will grow and change and how we will no longer enjoy the company of the one we committed to.

Coming from a broken home I have always frowned on those that have cheated in their marriage but of lately I have looked at this differently do to my own experience of marriage. I no longer believe in marrying one person until death do you part and I no longer believe that two people should stay together for the sake of the kids.

What I do believe in is keeping the family unit together until the kids are on their own. I also believe that it is possible to have a relationship outside of the marriage that will not convolute the marriage in any way. Two mature consenting adults can have a relationship as long as the “rules” are set forth before the relationship develops into something deeper.

There is the wife’s wife’s place and then there is the mistresses place and the two shall never meet or blur the lines and cross them. If you are no longer happy at home and you meet someone who will respect the fact that you want to stay married or stay at least until the kids are gone then fine enjoy yourself because life is to damn short to be lonely and unhappy.

Myself, I have to be available for my kids but they are old enough that I can take off for a few days a week and then be back home. My kids have no one but myself and since they are young adults they need their freedom and need to learn to care for themselves yet they still need and want me around and I need them as well.

If you ask me would I ever have an affair with a married man my answer would be yes. I have no desire to be involved in anyones relationship with their spouse but I also want to enjoy life and have a healthy sex life which most men are not getting in their relationship at home. I do not want to be anyone’s whore but instead a partner, a friend, a lover and maybe one day if things are great then I would like to be with that person until I died.