To Good

There are times when things happen in our lives that appear to good to be true and I think I have experienced just that. I believe I was foolish once again and opened my heart to someone who lead me to believe they really wanted to be with me and I actually meant something to them.

It doesn’t take but a split second to make a decision or change your mind and we do it all of the time. Unfortunately, for me I believe I have experienced that euphoria for a short period of time only to have the door slammed in my face and me landing on the pavement kissing the ground.

I can’t be mad at him or myself because what we want and where we are at in life are not always coinciding. I think when he really thought about what had happened in a short period of time between us that the reality of it was scary as hell and he didn’t know how to tell me he just wasn’t ready so instead he hasn’t said anything at all.

Well, all I can say is be good to yourself, be honest with yourself and do what feels right. Dont make stupid moves and take care of yourself. There’s nothing left to say except bye…..

I dont deserve this no I do not I deserve an explanation


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