Have you ever met that person that had everything you have ever wanted or needed? Have you ever been scared to death to let that person love you for fear that their words of love are just a mask to get something from you? Have you ever wanted to put all of your faith in them but fear that they will hurt you?

That is where I am at in my life, he says he loves me but I think he has a girlfriend already along with a wife and I will not be involved in a relationship that puts me on the bottom of the totem poll. It’s bad enough to be involved with someone who is married regardless of the state of their marriage.

I cannot and will not let myself be part of something that is only going to destroy me in the end. I do not know if what he says he feels for me is true or just a way for him to taste the fruit of my loins. How can I trust what he says, how can I know that he is for real? He has to prove it and if he doesnt real soon then I have to let this go permanently and not look back.

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