Head On

Have you ever ran head on into something? Thrown every ounce of energy into it having no doubts or concerns? Well, that is what I have done but now I am wondering if I have made the right decision. I do know everytime Mercury goes retrograde I make a decision and change my mind and I get confused because I replay conversations over and over in my mind trying to read between the lines.

I am so fearful of a decision I have made and I have opened myself up to someone I do not know well enough to honestly trust him with my feelings. He could so easily drop me and walk away thinking nothing of it and I think I have been so excited to finally be talking to him that I have allowed myself to talk of things that I should wait on.

When I talk to him its as if we have been together forever and I feel so comfortable and I dont ever feel this way with anyone. I guess I am so used to being lied to and let down that I won’t be surprised if he says he has changed his mind about me. He can jet off in a blink of an eye and he can easily forget about me I am sure.

We havent even really talked of when we will meet yet we are talking about things that a couple would do. He says his wife can have all of his money but he doesnt realize that going down the financial ladder isnt so easy. It’s easy to be wealthy and never worry about anything financially but when you lose all of that and have to live life with the average person well then life totally blows.

I have tried to give him good advice to protect himself but who knows what he will do. I think he becomes a real hot head when mad and makes some bad decisions but I am not sure. I wont truly know how he feels until I meet him face to face and then and only then will he know how I really feel about him.


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