Just Words

I have been played over and over on the internet and I finally caught on and learned to protect myself. The internet can be very helpful or hurtful and it all depends on how people use it. Sex is the number one thing most people are looking for and most connections it appears are sexually motivated.

Im a very sexual woman but I do not look for sex or want to be used for sexual pleasure by anyone. When a man is involved with a woman she is either his girlfriend or his three hole wonder and I surely do not want to be the latter. When you care for someone their words can easily get you to succumb to things that you really want to if you look deep within yourself.

Yes, words can make your heart skip a beat and make your panties wet but they also can rip your heart out and leave you feeling cold and empty. I feel so damn stupid for letting my feelings be known just because he said he wanted to be with me and I am his soulmate mean nothing because they are just words.

I can not allow myself to continue to be here for him until he proves to me that what he says is truthful. It’s just odd that we text for hours but then I have little communication from him for two days. I do not understand the workings of his private life and I cannot hang my hat on his words because I have no proof that he is sincere.

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