Street Lights

When you drive down a street the street is usually lit by street lights but between each light is a part of the street that isn’t so easily seen. When you come to the part of the street that one light is out you cannot see anything in the dark at all. That is what my life is feeling like at this time.

I feel like I can see clearly at moments and others things can be foggy and completely dark at times. This is starting out to be a crazy month as I was knocked off me feet with surprise by someone admitting that they loved me. I actually believed this person because we are soulmates regardless of my doubts at this time.

He appears to be playing me and I have no idea why he would want to hurt me but if he wants to push me away it is really quite simple to let me know and I would be gone. He will never deal with a jealous woman that wants to destroy him as a way of payback because I just cannot hurt him in that way.

He continues to lie to me for whatever reason and I know he isn’t living in Argentina regardless of what he says. All of the private pics of him have been deleted from their locations and I have been blocked as well. As my son says it takes two people to make a relationship and worrying doesnt change a thing.

I have no doubt there is a girlfriend living with this man and I think he isn’t happy regardless of how much sex he may be getting from her. I can wish him nothing but the best and the biggest sin is not following your heart and opening up to love. I thought we were friends but once again I am the fool with an upside down grin, now aren’t I.

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