Wants And Needs

We want so many things and we work for those things and eventually purchase them but our needs, well that is something totally different in deed. Our needs must be met to keep us physically and mentally healthy and without getting our needs met we suffer so very much.

We get our basic needs met but matters of the heart are not so easily fulfilled and we strive to be happy any way we can. So many are married and miserable or at least unhappy and they want more, need more. Life is so very short and when we find that one person we try to forget, we try so very hard to  forget, we try to push away, we have found our soulmate.

We may even go as far as saying and doing things that will make that person turn their back on us or even hate us. We get so controlled by our own desires that we become overwhelmed and want the one we love to walk away,  but not really. We want that person and cannot deny it making each and every day harder and harder to get through without them by our side.

No one wants to be divorced but there are times that we must do what is best for ourselves and we must make the move we have tried to forget about. We want and need that special person so badly that we are willing to give up whatever we must to be with that person.

We have no intention of hurting anyone but everyone gets hurt regardless but when the dust finally settles and we can be with that person that makes our heart skip a beat we realize that the move was worth it. It’s so damn hard to do what we must to be with the one we need and we know it takes strength to make the move.

We finally realize that if we do not make that dreaded move the one that has stolen our heart will walk away and we will no longer have a chance to have them by our side. We accept that we may have pushed and pushed and the person finally has decided to close the door on us forever and not look back. We also accept that we cannot let that door close so we jam our foot in it to keep it open for us as long as we can until we can enter.

Try as we may, we want it all but know we cannot have it all and the one that has stolen our heart is the one and only that can give us the true happiness we need so badly. Our love continues to grow over time and we know in our heart that we can no longer live the lie of lies and we must turn our back on the one that we have spent years with.