So Lost

She laid back against the pillow on the couch and she thought of how smooth his face would feel after being freshly shaven.  He had lovely green eyes and he wore his hair extremely  short as it was more comfortable in the summer weather.

He was tall and thin and that was so attractive to her along with his level of intelligence and how funny he could be at times. They got on so well and it was so uncanny like they had known each other for a lifetime.

He had been down the road of marriage and fathering children and he gave the impression of the perfect family man. He tried very hard to stay faithful but his wife had made it damn hard as she was not a sexual woman in the least.

She gave him all the sex he wanted for the most part but it was satisfying and she never did anything that excited him.  He would never request her to do sexual things that he knew she would never approve of.

She never touched his hard cock but she would kiss him and touch his chest.  She was a typical latin american woman who had no experience sexually and her mother did not inform her about sexual acts that would keep her husband happy.

The public thought of him as such a respectable man and that was because his publicist was paid damn well to keep his indiscretions hidden. He was looked upon as a private man, a good man an honest man  but the truth had never been told.

He was a womanizer and he loved the attention he got from woman but they all seemed to be basically the same. They liked him for his fame and fortune and that was such a turn off to him.

He began to scour the internet for woman he could chat with that attracted him and he found one lady that really pulled him in.  She was so sexy to him and so attractive and he couldn’t help the desire he felt for her.

She was not impressed by him in the least bit and that in itself made him want her even more. She sat back and watched him get involved with someone fifteen years younger than himself. 

She knew that the age difference would eventually destroy the relationship and he would end up trying to repair his marriage. What he didn’t realize is that once you leave home for another woman you can never go back and think that relationship will be a happy one.

The woman of his dreams on the internet decided to give up on wanting to be with him and she focused on the local men. None of them were physically attracted or intelligent enough to grab her attention.

She no longer waited for the man who was meant to share her life with and she no longer sat at home and cried herself to sleep. He tried to forget her but he couldn’t and he was so confused that he didn’t know which way to turn in his life.

He knew he wanted to be with her but he was to afraid that she would reject him. She wouldn’t put up with his bullshit and games and that scared the shit out of him. He had never been pushed away by any woman but this woman would not only push him she would throw him under the bus.

He needed to be a man and step up to the plate and meet her. He needed to get the answers to questions that had lingered for way to long and he needed to trust himself enough to let her get close enough to him to touch that special part of his soul.

Three Steps

He was always three steps behind her as he tried to keep up with her online. He tried to figure out what her password was to her word press blog only to  fail. She had sat back and waited for him to go through the phase that so many men go through.

He was taken by a girl fifteen yrs is junior and the sex was exciting especially for a man who was getting older day by day. She made him feel desirable, alive and wanted and he hadn’t felt like that since prior to retiring.

He was young, wealthy, attractive, intelligent and had it together or that was the impression he gave.  He wasn’t happy, he didn’t feel like he had achieved much in years.

His young girlfriend became parasitic to a certain extent and he just wasn’t into that. He didn’t want another wife and he surely didn’t want more kids. He had run on that field already and wasnt about to do it again.

He had decided to end things with the girlfriend and to go home and try to make it work but he knew that would never happen. His wife would take him back only because it was expected of her being part of the latin community.

He was an arrogant fuck and she had been humiliated by his actions to date a younger woman.  She wanted her marriage to work out but even in her heart of hearts she knew that he had crossed the line of trust and she would never trust him again.

It was truly a sad situation for both of them as both of them were so unhappy but it was expected of them to be the perfect couple which included repairing their beyond repair marriage.

He continued to think about the one woman who had been in the back of his mind for years. He had tried to have fun with a younger woman and he had but even she did not make him happy.

He had no idea what the woman in the back of his mind was doing with her life. He had no idea that she had met someone who she really clicked with. He had no idea she no longer was interested in even meeting him.

She had deleted his picture from her blog and the last picture he posted on facebook of himself was terrible. He looked old and haggard even though he had the brightest green eyes she had ever seen.

She had been very busy with her clientele and she had been honing her craft as a domme. She had met some very influential men that hid their kinky side and came to her to explore it.

She no longer believed that he would ever mature enough to meet her and she really had no desire to deal with a little boy. He was spoiled and full of himself and that really turned her off.

He had never experienced true sensual sex or a truly sensual relationship, he could only fantasize about it but even that would never bring him to the edge of experiencing it.

He had no idea he had lost her attention and spending time with “Clark Kent” was what she lived for, he was the man she now fantasized about and wanted to be with. It was really to bad that bati had lost the only person that could have made him truly happy.