Heartbreak Friday

My daughter had dated the same boy since tenth grade but since she is doing her internship in Washington D. C. her life has changed drastically. She has lived on her own while sharing an apartment with three other girls.

She has finally flown the coop and she will be getting an apartment in the next few months. She will be renting somewhere in the school area. While in D. C. she met a guy that made her heart skip a beat.

She was experiencing that giddy, happy, wanna be with you type of interest in the opposite sex.She really fell fast and even dumped her boyfriend so she could be free to date this other guy.

He is several years older than her, has his own car, apartment, his own job and he bartends on the side. My daughter thought she might stay a week with him at his apartment but I had warned her about sleeping with this guy. I am not saying she would have but those hormones make us do stupid things.

I talked to her today and she is crying as she tells me that he is a fuck boy. I asked her what that meant and she said he is only out to fuck everyone. She thought that she was special but all she was, was a another girl to fuck.

I know she hasn’t had sex with him because she was blown off and he is flirting with someone else. It’s so damn hard listening to her cry but she learned a very valuable lesson. 

She will be able to tell a player from someone who is serious. It is just so damn hard listening to those tears roll down her cheeks. At least she saw what he was all about early on before she could be hurt any deeper.