Empty Nest

So many times I have thought about this day coming but I envisioned it quite differently. I have kept the tears abay for the most part but I have found the tears randomly streaming down my cheeks.

Being an empty nester isnt easy for most parents and we dont realize how emotional we will get when that days comes. Yesterday we packed up her car, got the electric in her name and we planned a trip to punta cana the first week of January.

My daughter has worked so hard and she wants to be able to take summer classes to make law school easier each semester. She has three very short years ahead of her and before she knows it she will be getting her law degree.

My son has left me with two emotions, relief and the ties that bind mother and son. He and his girlfriend treated me like shit and didnt do a damn thing to help around the house. I didnt charge them a dime and paid for everything.

He is now living with his girlfriends aunt and he told me the other day he had a month to find someplace to live. I couldn’t invite him back home no matter how much my heart wanted to.

My son refuses to see a dr or take meds let alone go to a counselor. The problem with the illness is that so many refuse to believe they have an illness. They seem to have to spiral to the ground before they  accept they need help.

On top of everything my son flew to texas and showed up on someone’s doorstep he played games online with. He sent this girl a gift for xmas two years ago and he kept her address.She had told him if he was thinking about moving to Texas she would help him get a place and a job.

So I kicked him out and he assumed he could get this great paying job in Texas, which didnt happen and to make things worse my son assaulted this girls husband because he spanked his daughter.

My son is now facing assault charges and has to go back to Texas to clear this mess up. His girlfriend is pregnant and she has mental issues of her own. I cannot allow either of them to treat me poorly and the baby is nothing more than the hook to keep my son on the line.

She got pregnant on purpose and just like so many other girls she assumed that my son will eventually marry her. This isnt going to happen because she is nothing more than a piece of ass for my son.

My son would still be living at home if it hadn’t been for her because I had to evict her and then him to get her out of my house. I should of never allowed her to stay here but like so many times before I believed the bullshit my son told me.  She claimed to be abused and used at home and I fell for the story.

Everytime I have helped my son or his friends I have been burned and one would have thought that I would have more sense. Well, the time finally came that mom had to let her son sink or swim.

Im sure he will do fine one way or the other but his lieing has turned most of his friends away from him. He is a real manipulator and he makes you believe his lies and he makes you want to help him.

So here I sit with tears streaming down my face and a sadness that has washed over my body. I already miss my daughter so much and she has only been gone an hour. Now its time to focus on myself and start enjoying life as an empty nester.