Fifteen Years Later

I went to bed last night knowing that when I woke up it would be fifteen years later that 9/11 occurred. When I finally sat down and turned on the tv it was exactly to the minute fifteen years after such an event started.

I remember that I was working at the Steel Mill as an A Class Electrician and I was sitting at the table in my work area waiting for my daily assignment. When I heard that the towers had been hit by an airplane I knew that it wasn’t any accident.

How could you even think for a minute it wasn’t an attack? The towers were huge and no plane would ever hit them without notifying the airport that they were having difficulties and needed to land.

Now 9/11 shocked many Americans and those visiting our land.  It was a time of instant fear that shook our foundations. Then we hear that the second tower was hit and that our government was finally realizing this was no accident this was an attack.

There I sat at the table with my fellow workers with chills running up and down my spine. We looked at each other  speechless because we didnt know what to say at that moment. Our security had been shook to the core and there was no place we could hide.

 We watched people jumping to their deaths 3/4 of the way up the towers and  the towers  finally collapsed from the intense heat. The shock and dismay left me utterly speechless and like so many others what I was watching seemed surreal.

Fifteen years ago I wondered how any one person could have so much hate in their heart and today I still wonder. Using young men to do suicide missions is cowardly at best and the use of religion to control and manipulate others is lame as well.

The world is so full of hate and anger and people have become lazy. If only we could bring back the 60’s when families were families doing things together. The world has changed so much since the internet became easily accessible to the world.

Between the memory of 9/11 and the choices we have between candidates for president my heart is filled with sadness. I in no way approve of how the candidates have promoted themselves. The constant insults and remarks made out of ignorance have a direct or indirect affect on all of us.

So on this day of remembrance I can only pray for the survivors of those lost in 9/11. The once babies now young adults are feeling the loss of their family member. Many have died and many carry gaping wounds that can never be repaired.

I see the many disasters around the world as well as the many unhappy people lashing out at others. It saddens me so to see how the world has become a war zone and I so miss the days of my youth when life was simple.