A Deep Well

The one thing I have always wanted in my life is to be able to trust someone without fear that they will turn on me. I thought I had found my best friend in my husband but I found out how evil he could be. I opened myself up to him like a deep well and I exposed some of my deepest, darkest experiences. What did he do with that information? Used it against me telling my friends, his attorney and the mediator his embellished version. of course his version either bordered on a lie or was a lie.

I hate it so when you trust someone and they share your information with others. In my case my husband used my most personal and deepest, darkest secrets against me during our divorce.

I tried so hard to have a friendly divorce but that wasnt the case. My husband wanted everything in the divorce even though he came into the marriage with nothing but bills. He was all about impressing people with the material shit we had together, of course he would claim that everything was because of him.

Its important to be able to trust your partner because without trust you have nothing. I so wish I would meet someone that makes my heart skip a beat. I have no doubt there is a wonderful love out there somewhere looking for me.

I so need a dominant male that isn’t afraid to challenge me and isn’t afraid to explore my sexual side. I so enjoy sex that connects me with my partner because I find random sex to leave me feeling flat and empty.

My daughter had a “one night stand” that lasted a few weeks and then he disappeared without so much as a fuck off. I felt so bad for her because she was so upset and crying but I warned her not to bone him.

She asked me if I ever had had a one night stand and told her yes. I was honest with her because I think most of us have experienced a one night stand. Im sure next time she will be more cautious before she drops her panties and lets her heart spill out.

I so miss the touch of a man and the excitement that comes with making love. I enjoy using oils and massaging the male body and no part is exempt from my hands. I know how wonderful tantra is because I experienced the most awesome orgasm I have ever experienced in my life.

The touch of the fingers and hands on the body connect two people and how you explore the body brings the two of you closer. I cannnot wait until I can explore tantra with someone that excites me mentally as well as physically.

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