A Special Day

I do not care how old you are your birthday is a special day and I do not care if you think that or not but deep down you know its true. Your birthday is the day that you are recognized by your family and friends and usually there is a celebration of sorts. It means everything to us to be recognized by those around us and yes a cake and gifts are always welcome.

We like to feel special and some of us have been treated special for most of their lives from their great accomplishments. The roar of the crowd is addictive and having thousands of people calling out your name must be quite a heady feeling. The only time my name got called out was in school when the teacher told me to shut up.

I try to make the kids birthdays special for them because that is what you do as a parent and yes it does make me feel good to remembered on my birthday. Years past when there was a man in my life on his birthday I always made a rockin breakfast, made love, hung out during the day making love, made him dinner and made more love.

This is how a birthday should be spent, having fun, food and sex and if you can think of a better way to spend your birthday then I urge you to do it. I offered to take someone to dinner for their birthday last year but this person is to afraid to meet me so no dinner for him, na na nana. I do not make offers like that often because I just dont think that much of most people and spending money on others is limited to do my budget.


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