Paw Prints

If you take a look around you will find that most people you know have a pet. Most have a cat or a dog or multiples of either or both. You will find “crazy cat ladies” all around the world because they need affection.

People in general need affection and so many of us are alone these days and our pets make us feel loved. I know that when I leave my house my pets miss me as they so love it when I return.

They sit next to me and watch tv or sleep and they sleep on my bed next to me.  I dont know what I would do without the love of my pets. Pets ask so little of us and when I see someone hurting a defenseless animal it makes me crazy.

Everyone needs to feel loved and cared for and there is no age requirement when getting a pet. My daughter is at law school and she has friends but when you do not have a companion in your life, life gets lonely as hell.

She ended up going to a shelter and getting a puppy that is five months old. The sad thing is she is leaving for Chicago to work with the attorney general of cook county and she cannot have the dog.

She has also signed a lease agreement for the fall with two other friends and they dont know if they want to move to another building that will allow dogs. If that is the case I am going to end up taking care of the dog until my daughter can have her at her living quarters.

My daughter called me last night so upset and crying because she doesnt think her new roomies will want to move so Shelby can have the dog. She was crying so hard and told me she was afraid that I would be mad at her.

She sent me a picture of the dog and I told her not to get it but she did anyway. It looks like I am going to end up caring for the dog because my daughter cannot get out of the new lease.

She is twenty years old and has focused on school for the last four years. She graduated with her bachelors degree in three years and that allowed her to start law school a year earlier than her other classmates.

She is extremely book smart but she needs to learn alot about life. She does what she wants and she doesnt listen to me but that is how she learns. I think that is how so many people learn, by trial and error.

Her goal is to return to Washington D.C. and work for the government which is a smart move because of the connections she can make as well as the benefits. There are a lot of movers and shakers in D.C. and she fits right in.

She wants me to move there with her but that just isnt my kind of world. I was raised on a farm by my grandparents and the simple life fulfills my daily desires. I like growing my own food and I so enjoy gardening.

There is nothing like picking a fresh tomatoes and cukes off the vine, wash them cut them up and add some garlic and toss with some balsamic vinegar and oil dressing.  Anyone that really knows me knows that I enjoy baking and cooking and I am pretty good at both.

I have taught my kids the importance of a cast iron pan and I have purchased both of them their own pan. I cook with both of them as I am seasoning them for the kids when they are on their own.

It’s been a long haul the last six years and being a widow since 2011 has taught me much about life. I am not one to be impressed with much and a simple life is all I require for my happiness. Yes, I admit it I am lonely and so wish for male companionship but I refuse to settle for someone just to have another person in my life.

To be honest, I truly miss the touch of a man, sex, hell yes I miss sex and have to rely on masturbation for my own release. So many woman have never experienced an orgasm and have no idea how to achieve the pleasure by themselves.

I enjoy mutual masturbation but that requires another person so I am basically stuck being my own sex partner. There is nothing wrong with talking about the ever so elusive female orgasm or actually experiencing it.

So many men are under the assumption that penetration automatically gives a female an orgasm but this is so wrong. Very few women have orgasms from penetration and we need clitoral stimulation.

So many women need to learn to relax and to let themselves “go” mentally. Every woman should own a vibrator and learn to give themselves an orgasm. Once they become familiar with that pleasure spot then they can teach their partner how to please them.

So many men want a woman to go down on them but refuse to go down on the woman. For some reason men cant get past the thought of someone elses dick being inside of their woman but its ok to have the woman suck the dick that has been in countless other women.

I for one enjoy giving fellatio as long as the garden is kept trimmed. I do not enjoy a face full of out of control curlies and the odor of pubic hair is not enticing to me in the least. Regardless if you have just taken a shower pubic hair has an undeniable odor.

If you do not have a satisfying sex life you will never have a fulfilling relationship. Sex is as important as oxygen especially to men but there are a few of us women out there that enjoy sex just as much as the men.



Six Behind

Today is one of those days that you dread for about a week prior to it. For me, its exactly six years ago today that my husband passed away. It’s been a strange day in many ways as I have had such a heavy sadness.

For all of us that have suffered the loss of a spouse know the sadness I speak of. For those that have divorced you as well know that feeling. That is if you have finally gotten past the stage of anger and sticking needles into a doll hoping your ex or soon to be x can feel every poke and the pain of the depth of the needle into flesh.

I stayed busy all day but my husband was a frequent visitor to my mind. My son and I spent another active day doing repairs around the house and cleaning. We put down cement patches on the driveway and power washed the back porch. I have to say my son did an awesome job and tomorrow he is coming by to finish it.

After my son went home (he is no longer living at home) I started power washing and one corner of my porch was filled with the shells of thistle. I was literally covered from head to toe and sent the pics to my kids, both got a real good laugh out of it.

As I moved the power washer to wash the dirt towards the drain I had one of those Cheshire cat smiles cross my face. I thought of my husband and how he would of gotten a good laugh out of my appearance as well.

As I thought about him I could see him charming the panties off of the nuns, literally. He was smooth, as smooth as constipation medicine and he never met a single person that didnt like him.

He was a good man, a kind man as well as the biggest asshole I have ever met. As I look back at the almost divorce it would have been so much cheaper to keep him and looked for something on the side.

I talk some shit but the truth is I never would have cheated on him as that just isnt part of my makeup.  I know there are many people who have gotten tired of their worn out relationship.

They find their heads get turned usually for someone younger and then before they know it they are in a full blown affair. The fun lasts about 3-6 months and then things change and for  men that new girlfriend wants much more than you are willing to give. 

She starts pushing and the fun is over so you sit back and decide wish evil to chose. You end up going back home and back to the life you were living but this time there is a bit of underlying hostility from your mate.

You figured that the relationship at home isnt as bad as you thought and you knew it would be better to let that fresh, young thing move onto someone who can provide her with the future she is searching for.

What ends up happening is we settle because its convenient and predictable and we feel safe. Then there is the financials that are easy enough to share on day to day but to give up half of your fortune just isnt going to work.

All of these thoughts going through my mind and I know my husband isnt lonely and I know he tries his best to protect us. I have to say looking back I did respect my husband for most of our marriage but then things went south and I just couldnt recover.