Remember The War

As each day gets easier and things keep falling into place I look back at the people in my life who have made it possible for me to reach the point of “bipolar remission”. I can’t remember I felt this good and it is so damn good to unload all the shit I have carried for way to long.

The last year and one half have been the roughest years of my entire life so far but I have learned so much that I cannot complain. Out goes the trash and in comes good things and that is what has happened. I finally signed the papers for suing the bastard that took 30 grand of mine and was suppose to give me technology, he have me nothing and thinks he’s keeping my money, so I have to sue him for it and I have the right to sue him for 3x the amount so yes, three x has got my kids name all over it.

Ryan and I went to the campground to get the sink un plugged and ended up taking the faucet completely off and sure as shit that is exactly where it was clogged up with leaves and shit. Got the sink back on and sure as hell the connections are leaking under the sink.

Ryan cleaned up the shed and put the golf cart in it, yes I’m going to have to go back when I come back from NY. I can winterize the rv then as well and fertilize for spring, hopefully someone buys her, she is a lot of fun but so much work for just me.

We drove up did what we had to and came home, I want to start cleaning that basement and get new carpeting laid next week. I have got to get it ready to rent out now that I have a five hundred a month note on the home equity loan.

I had to get the loan to pay off the IRS, yes the bill was 47 grand and I talked to them and they lowered it to 30 grand. Bob didn’t pay any taxes when the money was taken out so all that is penalties and interest, but at least I finally got them paid off and off my back.

The loan is a tax write off so that is some consolation, I guess. I treated myself to a couple new lingerie outfits, nothing extravagant just some nice new stuff. I want to take more pics in the new lingerie so we will see if “batman” will be kind enough to take some new pics for me.

I realized today that I am an attractive woman, yes I finally realized that I look better than most women my age and doesn’t that just sit well on my hips? Your damn right it does as I have never thought of myself as attractive. I’m not bad but attractive, well yes I am.

I have to thank each and everyone of the people that have been there for me and have helped me reach a healthy mental attitude. We put our family members and friends through hell during our illness or recovery and no it isn’t fair but life isn’t.

I’m so very happy with myself and have accepted all of my short comings and I do not want to go back to where I was, never again. It would be nice to have someone to share my life with but until that happens I will be content with myself.