We AmBay

I am in the process of starting a new business for my daughter and son. It’s a fairly simple idea already used and failed, yes I know why would I want to start a business that has already failed? Very simple you take what succeeded and you build on it and dump what didn’t work.

I have been so busy setting this business up that I haven’t had time to wipe when I pee. I have to strike while the iron is hot and I wish I would have done this months ago. I will eventually be able to set up “franchises” and this is a beautiful thing, it’s easy, anyone can do it and you make money.


Sometimes I scare myself with my brilliance but I’m not going to get to revved up until I see some proof in the returns. Once I get the site up and running and get my advertising set up, I will reveal what this twisted mind is up to. What I love about this is you can do it anywhere in the world.

It’s the type of business you can work at basically your own pace, you must be self-directed, responsible, dedicated and understand customer appreciation. I need to get some legal details out-of-the-way but then there is no place to go but up and that’s a good place to be.

There is so much work I am going to have to hire people to keep up but that has to wait until I get established. Once I get everything going Shelby can run it and Ryan can work for her because he isn’t responsible enough yet to be left to his own devices as far as running a business.

The one thing I like about it is it can be a “cottage industry” business that keeps my family involved and keeps us together. I can see this business doing very well and it’s my time to get myself directed into the lane of my future. Once both kids are 18 they no longer get social security and I cannot live in this house on just my monthly funds.

I plan on selling when Ryan is 17 so I can have this house sold by the time he is 18. Yep, this momma is going to live a very happy old age doing what she does best, sales. I so enjoy working in sales and I am very good at it, those that know me would never think I could sell as well as I do.