There is a new show on called catfish and it’s about online connections and how they bring the two together. It is really sad when the one that is head over heels in love discovers their love is not who they say they are. This one girl found out her “bf” was actually a girl and that wasn’t to nice.

She was so hurt and couldn’t this person actually said the things they did and I have to agree when you tell someone you lost all of your sisters in a car accident, that is just so wrong on to many levels. Scammers come onl levels but no matter what level their scamming they are still hurting someone. 

I think the scammer starts to take a liking to their victim and continue contact even after the scam is over. I also think that the lies are to make you feel sorry for them and want to continue talking to them. If you aren’t a sociopath you have no choice but to start to feel a connection and you begin to build a relationship.

I think we want love and to be happy so bad that we ignore our inner voice and we do not follow the path that we should. We end up learning painful listens but we find lessons none the less. It is hard to walk away from a relationship that appears to fulfill our emotional needs.


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