Come Back To Me

My daughter was placed in foster care Wednesday night and I went to visit her, the woman answered the door in a rag of a night gown clear up to her woohoo and it had holes in it, it was so old I could practically see through it and wouldn’t even wash my car with it. My daughters pillow has stains on it and the sheet wont stay on the bed. The woman is doing foster care for a year until she gets social security and doesn’t giving a flying fuck about the kids.

She tried to tell me I couldn’t see my daughter and someone left a note in my mailbox where my daughter was and I was told I could see her as long as I was supervised. I show up there and this woman tells me she is suppose to call the police I told her go ahead as I had permission. She finally let me see my daughter who looks like hell, she isn’t sleeping, can’t study for her finals and she is miserable which is understandable.

The woman called “her worker” who asked me how I knew where my daughter was and I told her about the note and she said “do you expect me to believe that someone left you a note?” I told her I didn’t care what she believed and I told her this woman needs to be dressed or at least have a robe on, her answer was it’s 9 am in the morning so I guess that is suppose to excuse her attire around kids she doesn’t know, no it does not it was obvious she had no pride and the worker told me I had to leave and I told her fine hung up and through the damn phone on the swing.

I gave my daughter some money and told her to keep her phone hidden because this useless piece of left over foreskin on two legs tells me to get my ass off her property and I told my daughter don’t worry hunny I will get you home my June 4th the court date and that I was sorry she was stuck with such a parasite. The woman said fuck you to me which was a huge error as I called my worker and told her the situation my daughter was living in and she is reporting this bitch.

My son keeps pulling the suicide card so he is in the hospital but when he leaves there he is going into foster care and he is going to experience exactly what my daughter is, all because of his lies and I do not feel sorry for him and will not visit him. He has brought so much pain into my life he needs to experience it for himself and clean up his fucking attitude. I have lied to my daughter telling her there is an angel watching over her and this is not true. I no longer believe in angels and tried to fool myself into believing I had one as it has been the only thing that has helped me survive but no longer as if I ever did have an angel he collided with a jumbo jet and his wings got cut off my the engines.

I have no belief that there will ever come a day that someone loves me for me, it’s not in the cards for me so I have given up on love all together and have welded my heart shut and never will open it again. I broke my toe yesterday, my toes hate me as this is the third time in a year I have broken a damn toe and my back is killing me from trying to do things that I used to. I have no use for a man that leads me on, steals from me and calls himself a man. This is no man but a self absorbed bastard that thinks of himself only and buys people “gifts” instead of buying them with his love.

He no doubt has a truly sad life because his wife no longer has an interest in him and fucks him just because it’s a standard requirement to keep the money flowing in, people get used to a lifestyle and the more they have the more they want and satisfaction never comes too them. I have waited and prayed for love to come into my life but that has been in vain and I have no desire to keep dreaming, hoping and praying for anyone.

All I want is my daughter home and my son to get help and everyone else can go to their corner of the world and stay there for all I care. I have my priorities straight but I do not know anyone else but my daughter that does. I’m sick of men that want to help me and want sex as trade well go fuck yourselves I can do things my way and I do have one friend that will gladly help me and doesn’t want me to fuck him in trade.

Enjoy your weekend barbecue with filet mignon, tre leche, rice pudding and pesto on fresh baked banquets and if you choke on it, it’s a sign from God that you are a fool who will live your life fucking strange women and you will never experience true love as you are blind and cannot see the person that truly loved you is no longer there for you and when you reach out for her she will not reach back but instead turn her back and walk away as you cry out for help. Where were you when she really needed you? Where were you all of her sleepless nights? No where to be found and never will be and she now knows that and will never open the door for you, no she will not even answer the door.

God puts us in positions in life to test us and when we become romanced by our standing in life that is when God will let you stay there for only so long and the rug will be pulled out from under you and no one there to catch you. I don’t need your false promises and I surely do not need your form of love as it is shallow as you are, do not think I wish you harm as I do not but do not expect to find happiness as you never will as long as you walk on the wrong side of the road, because a mac truck is going to hit you soon and it’s already too late as you have lost the most valuable thing that has been there for you for so long. You will never have the love you so desperately need, at least not from me and the poor little rich boy will continue to be alone in a crowded room. 

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