Forward Bound

It’s very hard to put someone you care about out of your mind and heart but when they do not show you that they feel the same way then you have no choice. I’ve waited five years to be with someone but he obviously doesn’t want to be with me as he prefers “Maria.”

I guess I can’t blame him as he has been married his entire adult life and now he wants to taste the fruit of other women and he is like a kid in a candy shop. It is always best for men like him to see other women and get it out of their systems because they do get tired of that lifestyle and eventually they want that one woman, that one special woman.

I have finally met someone and it feels good to have someone new in my life as it is fun and exciting. I like that feeling that comes with meeting someone new and how you look forward to spending time with that person. He called and asked me if I would like to go get a pie and I agreed so we went to the local pizzaria and enjoyed ourselves.

We laughed and joked and acted like to silly kids and as he placed his hand over mine I began to wonder if I could ever have anything more with him than a good time. There was definite sexual overtones to his words and actions but it will take a hell of a man to knock off my panties because I just dont believe in sex to soon.

Some say I am out of touch with the way things go in today’s lifestyle but I do not care because when I have sex with a man I plan on having him in my  life for quite sometime. I really like this guy but if he pushes me to go to bed with him then all bets are off and he is out the door. I only have sex on my own terms and no I will not fuck anyone to keep them in my life, if they need sex to be with me then it’s not me they want now is it.

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