It’s always nice to be in a relationship with someone who accepts you for who you are and you can be yourself. Walling around the house naked or grabbing that person and having random sex on the kitchen counter or spare bedroom. It’s always so nice to be able to cuddle on the couch and watch a movie or two and even make a few of your own.

It’s so nice to be comfortable with the silence and just holding hands and lieing together. It’s nice to decide what to do for dinner together and then take a nice long hot bath together. It’s especially enjoyable to dry off the body of the one you are with and crawling into bed together to cuddle and get warm.

It’s so nice to kiss, slow romantic kisses and then explore the body of your partner and pull out a few new toys and tricks to experiment with in bed. It’s lovely falling asleep in the arms of the person of your affection and waking up to the feel of their body next to yours in the morning. It’s so nice to take that first morning piss and jump back into bed and do something about that morning wood.

It’s so nice to get up after morning wood sex and make breakfast and plan the day together. It’s so nice spending the day together laughing and accomplishing nothing but a stronger connection with the person that holds our heart. This is what I wish for and I will have it one day very soon because I am finally ready to give my heart and soul to that someone special.

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