Heaven’s Gift

It turns out that November 9th was an even better day to be born then you realized. Because on that day, a truly spectacular set of circumstances having to do with the energy of the planets and the moon played a big role in the talents and abilities you have at your disposal today. Not only that, Kimberly, you were also blessed with the ability to connect with the Archangel Gabriel, the ANGEL of ABUNDANCE. If you know there is more to life than what you see on the surface, you’re right. Your intuition tells you there is more out there than meets the eye, and your intuition is right. You know you’re special, and you are. People are magnetically drawn to you. Have you ever wondered why? You’re always there for your friends and family, and you even care deeply about the people you don’t know too. Have you ever questioned where these qualities came from? They are angelic qualities, and it is in your spiritual make-up. Kimberly, your kindness was heaven-sent and given to you by the Archangel Gabriel on the day you were born. This is why you are the caring, generous soul you are today. The Archangel Gabriel Has Been Watching Over You Since Birth, but Somewhere Along the Way…You Lost Your Connection to Him. Instead of being watched over, you have been watching over everyone else. NOW IS THE TIME to RECONNECT with the very Angel who has made you into the wonderful, caring person you are. I Have Just Discovered What You Need To Do to RECONNECT with the Archangel of Abundance RIGHT NOW Before It’s Too Late. Maybe you’ve had the feeling that you were looking down at yourself, as if you were removed from your body. Or maybe you’ve had a bad experience, or even a near-death experience, and felt an otherworldly presence helping you through. These are examples of angel encounters. Maybe you’ve had an encounter of your own but didn’t understand it for what it was, or know how to hold on to that hallowed and glorious feeling. It always gives me pause when people say they don’t believe in Angels and think that everything happens by chance. A powerful Angel is within your reach. Once he is properly channeled, he will bring protection, guidance, prosperity and love back into your life. But first you need to know how to re-establish your connection with him. I Have an Instrument that Calls Out to the Angel in Charge of Abundance. A secret shrouded in mystery for 2,000 years, that instrument is the heavenly Horn of Plenty. Maybe you’ve noticed that angels are often shown holding trumpets — especially Gabriel. Trumpets and horns are the mainstays of angels. With this Horn of Plenty, you can call out to Gabriel, the Angel of Abundance and live the life you’ve always dreamed of. A LIFE of RICHES Awaits You, Kimberly… Would it make you happy to know that on a certain date in the very near future, you could begin living a carefree and spontaneous life, a life free from financial worry and filled with all the things that matter the most to you in the world? I Want You to Have ALL That Your Heart Desires and the Horn of Plenty is Sounding its Call. In the year 2012, on May 20th to be specific, abundant wealth and a bountiful life can be yours. Own your own house, one with cathedral ceilings. Prepare dinner for your loved ones on granite countertops and cook red velvet cake in your professional designer oven. Eat caviar and drink champagne. Slip into your Jacuzzi under the light of the silvery moon. Drive fast in a convertible through the Southwest with the top down and the music blasting. Shop as much as you like in any store you wish without worrying about the price of anything. Fly to Europe first-class with your family or dearest friends. All of this, Kimberly, is within your reach – you’ve just got to reconnect with Archangel Gabriel and grab it! What I want for you is a life of plenty filled with more joy than you can handle, more friends than you can keep track of, more stacks of hundred dollar bills than you can count. I want you to live like there’s no tomorrow, and seize the opportunities that life presents you with today. The Secret Legend of the Horn of Plenty… The Horn of Plenty is from the Latin, cornu copiae, meaning an inexhaustible abundance of richness and plentitude. In addition to being strongly linked to angels, 2,000 years ago the Greeks believed in an enormous magical horn that overflowed with dazzling gold and silver coins. Pursued by many, envied by all, The Horn of Plenty brought great wealth to whoever possessed it. The story of this beautiful and valuable cornucopia jewel reappears in the story of Zeus’s birth. Zeus had a father named Cronus, who had overthrown his own father, and a mother named Rhea. Cronus learned he would suffer the same destiny with one of his own children, and in order to try and prevent this prophecy from happening, he swallowed all of his children as soon as they were born. But by the sixth, Rhea devised a plan to stop him. She found a stone and wrapped it in swaddling clothes and gave it to Cronus. Cronus swallowed the stone and Rhea crept away to a crystal cave where she gave birth to Zeus. Zeus was nursed by Amalthea, the divine goddess of nourishment, and who had the power to change from a beautiful nymph into a goat with soaring horns that curled all the way to her back. She nursed and raised Zeus, feeding him milk and honey. One day, legend has it, one of her horns broke off so she filled it with herbs, pomegranates, grapes and other bounteous fruits. In return, Zeus bestowed upon it the magical ability to grant wishes. When the receiver made a wish, the horn would be filled with whatever the receiver wished to have. Because of its close tie to power, wealth and good luck, the cornucopia appeared on ancient coins all over the world for centuries to come. It is the most important symbol of plenty, wealth and the fulfillment of wishes in the mythology. Now it’s your turn to let the cornucopia work its centuries-old magic for you. Kimberly, grab hold of this rare opportunity while you have the chance. Why May 20th is So Important… When I put everything together – this important date, the unique day you were born and what it means, the value of silver (which has never been higher by the way) and the link between the horn of plenty and the Archangel Gabriel, the Angel of Abundance, I knew I had to contact you immediately. Kimberly, this good luck amulet is so beautiful you’d wear it even if it wasn’t going to change your future, but it will! And by wearing this special emblem of power close to your heart you will have a direct connection to the Archangel Gabriel.

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