Life Is A Rollercoaster

I do not know when I started to love you or what you did to make me even like you but you worked your magic and once again another woman has fallen under your spell. Do you feel accomplished? Do you feel pride as if you were a young boy getting his whistle wet for the first time?

Don’t you think you take much for granted, especially the power you have used over others? Do not make the mistake of putting me in the same category with the other women that have been in your life because I am nothing like them.

You already know that though don’t you because you cannot figure me out can you? I am not a mystery and do not pretend to be and prefer not to be but maybe that isn’t such a bad thing is it? I obviously have turned your head and haven gotten your attention though haven’t I?

I’m going to let you in on a secret, you have accomplished your goal of staying a mystery to me, why I have no idea because if you are someone famous I have news for you I am not impressed but you already know that don’t you???

You also know that if you are some famous person that is a strike against you and not one in your favor, I assure you. I have no need for flash bulbs and pics in the papers. You find being mysterious alluring do you? You think being multiple men will test my loyalty? LOL, please do not waste your time thinking such foolishness as I have played the game very well and you would be proud if you had not gotten so mad instead.

You do not trust loyalty by entrapment or setting someone up, that won’t get you the truth that you seek. You shall always have my loyalty but shall I always have yours? Will you find pleasuring yourself with other women part of “our” relationship?

If this is your mind set it is time to set me free because I cannot have another permanently involved with “us”. I know you love the taste of many a woman and you do not like to be restricted and I have no intentions of stopping you from doing anything.

Our lives have been going up and down like a rollercoaster, why can’t we ride it together from now on? I need you and you need me, let’s work it together because I love you now and always as you are my best friend and future lover.

I cannot stand by and be part of a non committed relationship as you are well aware of. I want your happiness but not at the cost of my own. Love is a very serious and fragile state to be in and I believe I am in that state so please do not hurt me, love, please.


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