No Time

I get tired of people complain that they have no time to enjoy life because they enjoy the mounds of money they make and are impressed by their children that have become actors because their parents are famous. This is not to say their children aren’t talented but one can easily buy their way into anything. These people that are wealthy steal from the poor one way or another and make false promises to manipulate others. This is not a man that does such things, this is a person that is lost and find themselves through bullshit materialism and rubbing elbows with kings, queens and others with money.

They spend their time riding polo ponies, flying their private planes and getting ripped of in expensive hotels and this is how they define their lives, if that is what one can call it. They stay in loveless relationships because they married to their money and possessions and they live for days gone by. They are narcissistic and make themselves look good in the public eye by donating 25 grand here and there while they steal from the poor and leave them in a situation that is hard to swallow day after day.

These are the people that claim to love God and I’m sure they do as long as God keeps them in the finer things in life. When you have nothing and I mean nothing that is when you thank God for cutting the ties of love of materialism and money. These people never find happiness because you reap what you sew and when you abuse others God does not reward you, no God gives you exactly what you want and that doesn’t include happiness and God let’s you romance your junk and money while your heart will always be empty and you will never have the love that makes you a whole person.

Enjoy it while you can because one day you will find that these things no longer make you happy  and you will never buy the love you so desperately seek. If you were ever lucky enough to be truly loved by someone you will never experience their touch because you invested so heavily into your “shit.” Your wife no longer wants to be with you for anything other than your money and your kids no longer need you on a regular basis. This is your happiness in a nutshell, nothing and no one so while you have destroyed others lives and live high on the hog, remember that hog will be slaughtered one day and you will stand there lonely with blood on your hands. 

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