Please Forget

Please forget the haircuts and new clothes

 Please forget the cologne and clean shaven

Please forget to impress me

Please, please, please

Please be yourself

Not a picture

Not a trophy

Not a sweaty jock strap

Not a cheap autograph

Please, please, please

Let me see the real you

Trust me enough

Respect me enough

Love me enough

To be you and only you

You are not untouchable



You are flesh

You are bone

Let me like you 

For your own

Do not hide

Do not disguise

The man who is

Within the walls

No expensive cologne

Rings and watches

Just a man

No longer a pawn

Let’s listen to a

Beautiful song

Show me your scares

Show me your heart

Show me the world

That was once yours

But fell apart

I am your friend

Your mental lover

You are my rock

So do not take me under

Please, please, please

Be the man I need to know

The man who has been my

Whipping post

Be a lover

Be a friend

Let’s have fights

And makeup again

Please, please, please

Be yourself, hon

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