She Dreams

She dreams because she is a dreamer, a dreamer of happier times to come, a dreamer of masculine but gentle hands touching her softly, she is a dreamer of love and beauty because it is safe and comforting. She dreams of her lover and his soft lips and she dreams of the next new technology device.

Where in the hell did that come from, right? Well, she’s a dreamer and without the dreamers of the world we would not have new and invigorating ideas that change the world. The dreamers of the world are the ones that possess the power to change much, indeed.

People can laugh and say what a silly woman I am but that doesn’t offend me at all, dreamers are special people because we can see beauty where others see nothing, dreamers are the romantic ones of the world as we like the candles, cologne, romantic evenings and we go to great lengths to make an evening romantic and one to remember.

Dreamers are gentle souls that can easily be hurt because we are so thoughtful at heart and we hurt very deeply so do not play with a dreamer but be one to know you are fortunate to know a dreamer and learn how light they can make life when it is heavy.

Dreamers are dismissed as shallow and empty thinking much of the time and this is so not true as we are just as intelligent as you maybe even more so. You can lean anything from a book but a dreamer, well a dreamer has a gift that can conjure up things you would never imagine.

I am a dreamer and I would like you to join me on one of my romantic dreams, it holds much touching, kissing, holding, caressing and love making. The dreamer I am sees herself holding you and loving you and letting you know how much you are appreciated, that is my dream, so please make it come true, won’t you please?

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