Why Not

So many people say “why me”, I ask why not you or why not me, we are not special and bad things happen so good things can come into our lives. I have had so many bad things happen that I expect things to go south and when they go right I am so happy. People blame God for their troubles and some even have  eliminated God from their lives yet in their hour of need they are calling out his name.

I believe the man above has great plans in store for me and the next couple years are going to be major changing years. They are not going to be easy but I will learn a heck of a lot. I do not know where I am headed but it’s in the right direction I have no doubt. I do hope I finally meet my great love because that would really make life easier.

I have survived so much and been through so much but I am still a bulldozer and can continue to move forward. A blogger said to me that I was an inspiration, I do not feel like one but I have fought a good fight. I fight for myself and my children, I fight to make this world a better place, I fight for the ignored handicapped and I fight for you as well as myself.

I have this great plan to help the people of Nigeria with housing, food banks, medicine ect. I have had this dream for several years and once my son graduates I will be putting my plan into action. I have friends that live in Nigeria and the knowledge I have can make a huge difference in their lives.

There are too many children in third world countries that are starving and dieing everyday and I can do something about it and I will in time, everything takes time. It takes time, money and donations and since I am excellent with sales that will not be too difficult to obtain. 

So many people blame Nigeria for scamming and I agree there are scammers there but they are everywhere and use Nigeria as not to bring notice to where they actually are. You can pay one person in Nigeria and live in England or the States and fly there to collect your cash.

It’s not rocket science but people can never see beyond what is in front of their faces and I am no exception to that rule. My own ignorance is apparent when it comes to my great love. I refuse to see what is truly before my eyes but I am beginning to accept the truth.

Good To Me

So far the dating sites have been good to me, one scammer and one punk. The rest are a typical horn dogs that all want to get laid, accept one. He is latino and hot, hot, hot, let me tell you what a gentleman.

He is exactly what I have been  looking for and I do believe this will be fun for a change. He he a good match for me as well as I get along very well with libra’s and I am a scorpio. Do I expect it to go anywhere, of course not but for now it’s fun.

He wants to chat on yahoo so that’s a good sign, he hasn’t talk any sex crap which I like and he is so damn good looking I cannot believe he has even looked at me. There are still men out there that like women regardless if they aren’t thin.

This gives me hope because most men want thin and young, but us older women have so much more to offer. All men see is a tight ass and fake boobs and they have an instant erection.

It’s a shame that I will never meet my “jet setter” man but that is the way the cookie crumbles. I really had myself fooled into believing we had something but I have awakened and see that there is nothing put one of my pipe dreams, going nowhere fast.