Beautiful Day

It’s such a beautiful day, it’s one of those days that the breeze is warm and it’s not to hot out, one of those days that you want to whirl in a circle outside with your head tilted back and feeling wonderful.

It’s the kind of day you can hug yourself and smile because you’re thinking of someone special and how good it will feel wh their arms are around you. It’s the kind of day you wear jeans and cowboy boots and kick at the dirt as you are thinking of that special person.

I do so hope this trip is fun and exciting as I need fun and excitement for a change and I am so wanting to feel his arms around me. Hopefully, I no longer will have to dream of his warm body next to mine, but finally feel it. I believe what I feel is real and I believe we belong together but only time will tell.

I bet Albany is just beautiful this time of year because Michigan sure is and the weather, well this is just perfect weather and I wish I were fishing right about now. It’s just such a beautiful day and I am so relaxed and that is how I plan to be my entire vacation.

I already know Shelby will be calling me telling me that Ryan isn’t picking up, typical kid stuff that will stop when she is in college so I hope. It won’t be long before they are both gone so a phone call or two is welcome at this point in my life.

A perfect day tomorrow would be taking off on time, getting my luggage and making it to the hotel, Mr. Joe shows up and is waiting in the lobby for me, we have a light lunch and go to my room and drop off my luggage and go for a walk and just talk.

Then go back to my room and talk some more until I no longer can keep my hands off of him and I make the first move. If I do that, that will be something because I’m shy, really I am very shy but I think my body has a mind of it’s own these days and will attack him like a tigress, lol.

3:15 p.m.

This time tomorrow I will be in Albany enjoying a beautiful day with my camera in a park with a packed lunch so I can have my own private picnic by the lake in the park. I’m sure I can find a park with a lake somewhere and the thought of having a picnic sitting my a tree and staring up at the sky.

You remember don’t you, how to enjoy a picnic with a blanket to lie on and your arms under your head as you look up at the clouds and see shapes of dogs or squirrels, lol. The warm breeze blowing so gently it makes you want to take a nap with someones arms around you.

I am a dreamer of life and I can see myself looking up at the clouds and enjoying the day with someone special, yes I can see it. Being a visionary is so nice and comforting but when I think of meeting someone and falling in love I must confess I am very afraid.

Why be afraid you ask, because I am the type that falls and falls hard and how can you have a relationship with someone you cannot be with all the time? Is it possible to have a long distance romance for the most part? Then there are the holidays and the children and how to deal with that. 

There has got to be a lot of trust and respect, give and take as well as giving in during any arguments, you cannot be right all the time, or can you? lol no you cannot and you have to be very open to each other’s responsibilities and lives.

If everything clicked between myself and someone else I would have no problem committing because I believe with technology we could be in contact daily and no it’s not as good as being together but I would just be thrilled to be involved at all, lol. 

I can see myself walking hand in hand with someone during sunset and watching the sun go down, it’s times like these that are times that make wonderful memories and they are so romantic. It’s the moments that do not cost a dime that make a relationship special.