You Got It

I have let go of what will never be an actual relationship. He is with another woman and I think she may be pregnant. Good luck to them because I am out of the picture, I was going to send him a box of stuff but am putting it on ebay.

He has been in my life for 3.5 years but I have let him go, yes it’s done, over, finished and I have accepted that. I am going to start to live my life and open myself up to going out and dating.

I have too much to offer to sit and wait and be lead on and I am done with it. Now that I only have myself to worry about and my kitten, I’m free to travel and go and that’s exactly what I am going to do.

I will not stay home by myself at Christmas, hell no I’m going to Latin America and find me just what I like, romantic, sexy, hot latin man. I may be older and a bbw but latin men know the value of a good heart versus a hot body that will turn in time.

I am not bitter nor angry as it was what it was and nothing more and I accept that but it’s time for this ole gal to mosey down the road and get a life and that is what I am doing starting tomorrow.