There are two types of people in this world, those that work their ass off and those that follow the one that has worked his ass off. People like to always have someone to follow and they like to be associated with someone who is a shaker and maker. The leader usually doesn’t get the recognition they feel they should.

Most leaders are never recognized for their efforts and it make you mad and sometimes you just have to walk away and regroup. Everything we do has a reaction that follows it and you have to remember that one day you will be rewarded for your efforts. Sometimes, the right person is watching and that makes a huge difference in our lives.

We can be headed in one direction our entire lives and all of a sudden what you used to do is boring and mundane and your life heads in a completely different direction. People that are making changes that eventually trickles down to help or change others lives in a positive way eventually get what they strive for and so much more.

It is so rare to have someone notice your hard work and it is nice to notice this person and tell them how much you appreciate them or what a great job they did. It is a good thing that so many are self driven and will do what they have to, to complete their task at hand. Sometimes, you don’t have anyone to pat you on the back except yourself, so pat away!

The Coal I Am

The saying “I am your rock” is commonly used but I prefer to think of myself as a piece of coal. Coal is natural, it is fuel and with enough pressure it becomes a diamond. I am a diamond and part of me is still “in the rough” but will become brilliant in time. Only a person that can see depth can see the real me.

There is so much of myself I have not let others see for fear of what they might think or use against me. I have learned I can never trust anyone fully and that has kept a part of myself hidden in the dark behind the door in the back of the house. Trust is so hard to give to others because we learn early that trust is broken easily.

I have no one I can trust even a little because people are users and that is today’s society. It’s sad that I cannot open up to anyone or let anyone in. Letting people know the real person I am is only going to end up with me being hurt again and again. I am not the only one to feel such loss and disappointment in the people of this time.

I expect a lot from people because I expect so much of myself and I am driven to succeed at whatever I have approached. I am head strong and determined and I expect that from others but it never happens. People are lazy and want everything to come to them easily.

Nothing comes easy for me, not a damn thing and I have learned so much which makes me a jack of all trades and master of none which doesn’t make my life fun or exciting. When I make up my mind, really make up my mind I can do anything and that is one thing that is quite admirable, or so I think so.

The Winner Is……..

Today is election day and I can say that throwing both men in the air and see who lands first is the basic consensus of most of the population from what I have gathered. Politicians, o yes the great politician is a proverbial liar no matter who is running. I have no respect for either candidate and think they are both dweebs.

Trying to separate the truth from the lies is nothing easily done and Romney, well he is on the left and Obama is on the right so where does that leave me? In the middle of course because I do not care for either candidate and have no faith in either person because of their records.


I have been asked for weeks how I was going to vote and I vote the same way every year, I don’t vote left and I don’t vote right I vote to make a statement and nothing more. We have the dweeb that changes his stand on issues when it suits him and then we have Mr. promise who doesn’t keep any of them.

So whip me, beat me and make me pass bad checks, I will not be voting the way so many want me to vote so kiss my big one and vote the way you feel and do not let anyone tell you how to cast your vote. It is your right to exercise your voting rights, so get out and do it.

Not that you can expect world peace or the budget to be balanced but you can say you did vote and that is the important part of this entire gig. Frankly, I cannot remember a time when the people’s vote had anything to do with the election but make people think they really have a say.

Now don’t a wild hair up your giggy, this is just an unsolicited commentary from a retired steelmill worker and nothing more. I am not looking for arguments on how you feel or how I should have voted. Would of, should of, could of is all you here six months after an election anyway.

Where Have All

Where have all the children gone? I was a child when I was seventeen but now girls as early as eight years old are getting pregnant. There seems to be no more childhoods for kids, they are born and tossed into adulthood at such an early age that they no longer can be kids.

There are too many pregnancies, divorces and break ups going on in our world today that children no longer have a chance to grow up the way they should, being kids. To many kids become responsible for their siblings because their parent has to work double shifts or afternoons and cannot be home to care for them.

I do not believe anyone should collect welfare and be able to have an iphone, drive a Cadillac or collect benefits if they cannot get work or at least show they are trying. I know the economy is hard but a little creativity has to come into play with you need money and how to raise it.

If we do not start changing our world now it will definitely go to hell in a hand basket, but how can you stop technology? The world is revolving around technology but why can’t we have technology and live somewhat in the past? Is it too much to ask to teach kids manners and let them be kids?

Throw You Away

Here it is another day

I have tried to throw

You away

But for some reason

I want you to stay

Even though you 

Hurt me day after day

You say you love me

So make me see

Is it you or

Is it we?

Do you feel for me

Or am I fooling myself

I think I finally see

I am a fool

That you rule

Ripping out my heart

Not making me part

Of your life

Or your dream

Is this the way it 

Really is or the 

Way it may seem?

Play Politics

This world was once ran by someone you knew but now it’s not only who you know but who you blow. I listen to the debates and it’s clear that Obama is going to win again. Does this make me happy, no but the lesser of two evils is the choice.

Does it really matter who gets in? It’s not like out vote has anything to do with it, the electoral college basically does that. We vote just so the people “think” they have a say, we have nothing unless we fight tooth and nail to get it.

Politicians are basically stupid fucks that are always looking at the bottom line. They don’t care how their actions will affect others. I love how our president is getting a blowjob in the oval office, hell aint that precious-he can say “I’m the only man to get a bj in the oval office and stupid enough to get caught”.
When a man let’s his penis betray him than he is a real idiot, like it or not condom will save child support payments. To many girls live a fantasy life and get knocked up just to get married, I know that is so lame but they can’t help themselves.

A smart man flushed that used condom down the toilet that way he knows he hasn’t left evidence around that she could easy insert into her vagina and get pregnant. It used to be an embarrassment to be pregnant so young but now it’s like it’s normal.

One thing I have noticed is divorced women with kids are really gun hoe looking for a new husband. I don’t know if it’s because it is so difficult or she was used to the second paycheck, but it is happening a lot.

I know a lady that her husband died last year and she has already remarried. I cannot understand that because the thought of marriage scares the hell out of me. I just cannot imagine walking down an aisle without turning around and running like hell.

I am a very difficult person to live with as my multi faceted personality. I am basically an easy going person that goes with the flow but when i do not agree with something I stand my ground and can be quite stubborn.

There comes a time when the right person comes into your view and you must grab the moment as the moments are limited. Why deprive both of you what is meant to be? What are you afraid of? Take a change you have nothing to lose.

Be a man and take me out for my birthday, do you think you can do that or is that out of the question as well?




Hoe Do You

Are you the type that is in love with two people? One you have access to and the other you are afraid to approach? You are always thinking of the one that is taboo to you, yet you are also happy with the one you are with? Quite a mess you have yourself in wouldn’t you say?

So what do you do? Who do you go to and should you ever meet the one in your fantasy’s? Why are you afraid to meet her? Is it because you know once you do you will never be able to leave her? You know she has that much control over you and you are scared shitless of her, aren’t you?

You have many happy moments with the one you are currently with but you cannot get the other one out of your thoughts and you even think of her when you are poking your gf. Now doesn’t that make you feel like shit? I sure would hope so, so what is your games plan this time Sherlock?

Do you think she is sitting waiting for you? Please do not be that foolish as she waits for no one and lives each day as it comes and if she meets someone new that is great. You do realize her kids will be gone in two years and she will be gone then, so will you miss her? Will you try to snatch her up before someone else does?

I’m sure you know that she will not tolerate another women in your relationship and you also realize she wants you to get it out of your system before you come to her, that’s if you have any plans of meeting her. I can tell you one of the biggest mistakes of your life is not meeting her, trust me you will regret it the rest of your life.

You Are A Mess

When are you going to get your shit together and be a man? You and AB are going nowhere fast and you damn well know it so quit playing mind games with yourself. I have lost all respect for you as a person and feel sorry for you because you are more fucked up than I could ever think of being.

You IM to help you jack off, want to see my tits and your bitch is sitting at home with her belly full of you. I must say that was the final stab to the heart and the twist and further push. You really know how to hurt someone don’t you, thanx-so have the love birds set the day to get married?

Like divorce that much do ya? good luck enjoy your new family AND NEVER EVER FUCKING CONTACT ME AGAIN MOTHER FUCKER