Let Us Cheat

I think cheating on your partner is so hot if done right and I mean cheating on your partner with your partner. How does one do that? Quite simple as you pretend to be someone else such as a maid, a prostitute or anything your partner wants you to be. I think it’s so hot to dress up in sexy lingerie and put on a raincoat and have your partner be at a bar or hotel room and you act like you do not know each other and have a wild and exciting evening.

So many people are afraid to explore that side of themselves but it really is quite exciting and a major turn on. An old boyfriend and I did the prostitute thing and he got so friggin excited which got me even more excited. We met at a bar at a restaurant and I wore nothing but a bra and panties, garter belt and stockings under a raincoat and I pretended not to know him and walked up and sat next to him at the bar. We started chatting as if we didn’t know each other and I started rubbing his leg and hip.

He asked me if I would like to have dinner so we went into the restaurant and got a secluded table and things got pretty heated as I continued to rub his leg and finally his hardness and I undid his pants. I pulled him out and gave him a blowjob while we waited for our dinner. We had a lovely dinner and then we went and got a room and it was the best damn sex we ever had and it was so much and so damn exciting. Some may think I am a wild woman but I know the importance of great sex in a relationship and keeping it alive, so all I can say is let us cheat, baby let us cheat.

Don’t Hang On Snoopie

I have learned a few things in my life and the one thing I do know very well is behavior patterns. Relationships are pretty cut and dried and when someone is in another relationship with someone it becomes obvious by their actions. People cheat on each other all the time and after sometime they become so comfortable in their actions that the truth is can no longer be ignored.

There are people who refuse to admit what is before their eyes and so many people turn a blind eye to the infidelity. The signs are crystal clear as they cannot see you when they want or you want and you never see them on holidays or weekends they are usually “working”.

The cheater cannot accept your calls or hangs up on you unexpectically and they can’t spend the night with you and if they do it is rare. The cheater eventually forgets their lies and slips up by saying something they shouldn’t and then when questioned about it they come up with another lie.

The cheater never takes you anywhere because they do not want anyone to see them with you and have it get back to the one he is really with. Men and women both cheat and it used to be mostly men but those stats are changing as both sexes cheat, they not only cheat the person they are fooling around with they are cheating themselves and the one they were originally committed to.