Yo Ma

My sons friends think I am a cool mom, lol they come in and grab a cookie or whatever is on the counter and say “yo ma” how’s it going? They act like they have known me forever and it is so funny that they feel so comfortable around me. These kids all are going thru those years of hell and if I can make their day then so be it.

The nice thing is if I need help I just have to ask and they help me, they are cool kids and they are cheap entertainment, lol. I am also keeping up on what my kid is doing as well. I told the boys if they give my kid any drugs besides weed I would kick their mother f-ing asses and they know I would too.

These kids know what my family has gone through because they went to school with Ryan and the gossip runs ramped in schools. Dakota asked me how I was doing the other day, how thoughtful and he also asked me how I have managed to survive this long, lmao.


He thinks I am wonder woman and is impressed with me not having a break down. These kids look at my life and they are grateful for theirs. I don’t care who you are, if you are an adult you have had at least one time when you wanted to be a kid again.

Stalk Me Y

Have you ever been stalked by someone online? I have been stalked by one individual for literally several years now. I know, this is weird but I think he is the one that God has prepared me for and I am not crazy, no I believe that our paths are before us.

I have always felt a connection with this individual, a connection that is quite strange as we have never met. I do not understand it, not really but it’s as if we have become good friends. I guess you must first understand that he has been here through some terrible times for me.

I have been deathly ill and he is the one that talked me into going to the hospital. He kept me company when I was in ICU. He has been here since my husband and father both passed in less than a year, he has been here when I was thrown in jail, (that’s another story) he has been here when all my dogs had to be adopted out.

So you see, he has been there for me which is odd, I know but he’s been there what more can I say? I have suffered quite a bit of loss, more than most and I have had some really fucked up things happen to me in the last year and one half.

I wonder if my “stalker” isn’t in love with me as it appears that way, why else would he keep me off the internet because I was communicating with other guys, he would pretend to be different guys on the dating sites I have been on, he is on my fb as a zillion different guys.

Yes, he is very good with computers and could be an excellent hacker if he chose. He is on my computers and he is always trying to stay on my computer as well. He has refused to show himself or tell me his name but he is always there. What in the hell does he want?