Heavy Cream

I still do childish things but one thing that I do not like is when someone drinks out of the milk container. That is just, I don’t know something that turns me off. Now let the truth be known the empty whip cream can in the fridge is irritating at best. I still grab the can and squirt it in my mouth like a kid.

I still like peanut butter and jelly to and I am a Jif peanut butter girl. Some things never change and that is one of them, I will always love ice cream as well. All the women in my family have been ice cream lovers and I really like chocolate chocolate ice cream, I like the real rich kind made with cream instead of fake crap.

I also still like red velvet cake with green cream cheese frosting, my great grandmother made me that cake every year and I still hold on to that memory on my birthday, don’t ask me why the frosting was green, she probably asked me what color I wanted it. There are just some things from our childhood’s that stick with us.


It’s Fall Yall

It’s a beautiful fall day in southeastern michigan as the sun peeks out before the evenings cold turns it into a partial moonlight. The nights grow cold and the fields filled with dormant weeds and grass along with flowers and bees. It is the time of year we snuggle, sip hot cocoa and nibble on cookies by the fire.

It’s a romantic time of year, the time of year relationships start or end and the warmth of two bodies is so appealing it’s as if you no longer care who’s body is next to yours just as long as there is one. It’s all in a dream of the dark and the under the warm covers of the night.

There is nothing that compares to fall or fall love and romance and things are so solemn in the air of the night. We pull out the night gowns, the ones that are warm but so unattractive and all he does is spoon with us at night and pull that night gown up to the middle of our backs anyway.


Do you like fudge? I am sure you do, everybody loves chocolate and those that don’t are just missing the greatest thing in the world. I love chocolate but the funny thing is after I make something I have no desire to eat it. I really enjoy cooking and baking and tonight I decided to make some “cheater fudge” which is nothing more  than a can of condensed milk, 12 oz bag of chocolate chips and 4 TBS. of butter.

Microwave that puppy and add walnuts and there you go “cheater fudge”. The way I usually make fudge is cooking it and using a candy thermometer and cooking a sugary chocolate mess into the best damn fudge that your palette has been graced with. I make a lot of creme brulee to because I always have egg yolks available.

I like making berry pies and especially like strawberry rhubarb or real blueberry. I haven’t made a pie for myself in o I don’t know how long it’s been. I really enjoy cooking for someone else and sharing the deserts I make with Rick and Lynn, Rick and I are going to join the rec club and start working out.

I know that is funny but seriously I want to get healthier and lose some of these boobs. The boobs are the first to go when losing weight so that is good for me. Every guy loves big boobs and I have no idea why but a boob turns a guy on, lol. Anyway, Rick and I will keep each other in check. Rick said he bought a meter so he doesn’t walk anymore then a mile lol, I told him I was up to three miles a day last year and I want to get back up to that again.

I think I will join the entire family up as Miss Shelby will be coming home soon and Ryan could join me and Rick walking around the track and then we can go swimming. Ryan is my fish, he loves water and has been a water baby since birth-we always have fun in the pool and it’s great excerise.