The Clock

I woke up at 11 a.m. and looked at the clock twice, how could I have slept so late? The boys are sleeping on my pajama pants lieing next to my bed and Khloe is sleeping at the foot of the bed. This is all normal and usually how the day begins. I got up and took my first morning wakeup pee and moved on into the kitchen where I grabbed a morning pepsi and then onto the computer. Checked my email and nothing important but I was interested in a video of someone I know.

I watched the video and two things struck me, he had his hair cut long ago and as I watched the video I noticed he had a “look at me bitches” attitude. I watched as he scored and then jump onto the fence between him and his fans and I thought wow, I bet he has a hardon over that goal. He was impressive to watch and he had the energy and talent that only angels can have and I wondered if his mother ever expected such great things from her son.

I wonder what gives him the same rush these days if anything, how could anything compare with such fun and excitement of his younger days? There is only one thing that could compare and that is falling in love again. Falling in love has it’s own form of a rush and we feel it over and over when we really love someone, sharing our life with someone is so special and comforting, so safe and secure and it’s what all of us need.

I do hope that he is really happy not just content and I hope his world stays safe and secure and I do hope he has the love he so desperately needs. I wish him the best in the coming year and I am just sorry that I will no longer be a part of his life.