My hand is gently touching the side of your face, slowly sliding down your neck. I am looking deep into your eyes as I raise my other hand and start to unbutton your shirt. I remove your shirt from your shoulders and let it fall freely to the floor as you stand staring back at me.

I undo your belt, unzip and unbutton your pants and let them fall to your ankles as I slowly bend down and have you lift each foot as I remove your shoes, sox and pants. You are standing there naked except for your boxer briefs and you look down and into my eyes.

Now, go back to work and stay busy ok? Just thought I would throw a bit of a fantasy your way to start off your mid morning love, lol  mwaaahhhhhhhhh

Sports Thighs

Well this appears to be my lucky month as I am meeting another guy, he is a bit young 32 but he is ready, willing and able. He is 6’4″ and skates behind a hockey stick professionally. I have been chatting with him on skype and he seems to be looking for the exact same thing I am.

I love tall men and the taller the better and handsome, omg definitely and he is Italian on top of it all. I think I fell in a bucket of shit and came out smelling like the rose. I think I might have found myself a new photographer who knows and the best thing of all is I just got some hot new dresses.

Let me just say the dresses are revealing all over and if you wore a garterbelt you could see it. I think I will wear it the first time we meet strictly for shock affect, lmao. I so love shocking people and watching their reaction because people would never expect to have someone take off their jacket and you can see their body, like really see it.

Doing things like that is what I love to do, they are spontaneous, funny, shocking and flooring to people and their reactions are priceless. I know I am immature and childish, disgusting and revolting but damn I am fun and I can keep myself entertained quite nicely.

Low Foot

I have joined several dating sites, not because I want to meet anyone-it just makes me feel good to read some of the mail and it makes me laugh. Men are a trip and foreign men are something else as well because you would think they have never seen a woman in lingerie.

I get so many compliments and I am sure there is a computer screen in numerous places that are covered in fluid. Men have a trigger and anything sexual of nature is that trigger. Men get aroused by two things lingerie and dirty talk, men love to be talked dirty to during sex and women tend not to like to be talked dirty to.

I don’t care for dirty talk because of something that happened to me from my past. I like the romantic talk like most women and I like to share my likes and dislikes. That is a big problem in relationships, people do not talk and communicate and that is so important in any relationship.


Painted Toes

I really enjoy lingerie and I like to paint my toe nails red, once in a while you will catch me with make-up on but not often. I don’t have the time or the patience to paint my face. Make-up is so over used and should be used as an enhancer not a cover-up. I think a woman should feel sexy from head to toe and her man should feel just as hot.

Self image is the undoing of all and we need to have a healthy self-image before we can stand tall with our bayonet against the soldiers of doom. You have to feel secure in who you are and what is the number one goal in your life. Do you know what yours is? Think about it, write down ten things and then eliminate one by one until you have one left.

My goal in life is to make other’s happy and share my experiences so I may help someone else. I have known this is my life goal for over thirty years and the spiritual me strives to help others. My own actions cost me dearly but things are coming back to me that are rightfully mine.


I am a fighter, a conqueror of those that are entombed in greed and I will not let anyone take what is mine or ours, my children and I. No one has any idea what lies behind these smiling eyes and they do not see the razor-sharp knife I will gladly use to cut them down to size.

I am a very sad soul that tries to hide behind a beautiful picture that is really an ugly self-portrait. I even wonder if anyone reading this understands what I am saying or am I so oblique nothing comes through?

The Question

The thought of running my fingers through his hair and how soft to the touch it was and looking into his eyes that made you want to melt. Walking hand in hand and sharing a simple conversation on a crisp fall evening made him so alluring to me. His jeans hugged his ass so sweetly and you just want to pinch it or at the very least, pat it.

He is silly and goofy and he is funny as he tries to outsmart me, I just laugh at his feeble attempts to stop me from moving on my journey and he wishes he could be on that journey with me. He is intelligent and sexy, serious and aloof and he can be such a, such a pain at times.

Who am I writing about? Who do you think I am writing about? Someone I met last week or someone I have known for years? You figure it out and if you can ease your questioning mind, great and if you lead yourself further into jealousy and anger then you lose now don’t you.

Back In Time

With Halloween coming up I started thinking back to my childhood and remembering how different things were and how our world has changed. Life used to be simple and fun, yes fun from the moment I woke up until I went to bed at night. I enjoyed the simple things in life, but life will never be that way again.

I remember using a sheet and cutting holes in it so I could be a ghost and I used a pillow case to hold all the candy I would get trick or treating. I remember swinging on a tire hung on a rope and twirling until the rope got so tight that untwirling was fast and furious, leaving me dizzy.

I remember when gas was 35 cents a gallon and Dino the dinosaur was used for promotion of Sinclair gas. The gas pumps had a  big round glass container like promotional tool on top of it, I remember when the gas attendant pumped your gas, cleaned your windows and checked your tires and they were always so friendly.

I remember loving going shopping for school clothes  and buying black pant and leather shoes that were so shiny. I couldn’t wait for school to start so I could wear my new clothes and shoes. I so enjoyed my new lunch box made out of metal and had mighty mouse on the side.

I can remember my uncle driving an old Chevy and driving down the road leaving dust behind him. I remember him taking me to the candy store and for 5 dollars I had enough candy to last a year. I would go to the soda cooler and slid the door open and reached down to get a coke.

I remember when I lived with my grandmother and I played across the road in the sand and i would venture into the forest behind the sand and I found moral mushrooms. My grandmother had me pick all of the mushrooms and she was just tickled pink. I do not remember ever eating them but then again I do not remember a lot from that time.

I remember watching tv and we had four channels to choose from and the tv was black and white. My grandparents always watched Walter Cronkite do the news and I got to watch my favorite show, Ed Sullivan. Ed always had the latest music artists on like the supremes, cowsills and different types of acts, dog acts and people doing weird stuff. I remember Elvis was such a shocker that they refused to show him from the waist down on tv.

When I look back I remember so many things that nothing of today compares to as life was simple now everything is technology and kids never go out and play, almost every kid has a computer and they live on them. Sexting is a huge thing but long ago no one ever talked about sex as it was taboo.

It makes me sad to look back as life has changed so much, how life has become so expensive and everyone is in such a hurry. The thought of someone slaughtering their own hogs and cows is so gross to most. Killing chickens really grosses people out yet they enjoy eating those animals.

We will never see the 60’s again and we will never live the simple life again. Man has become so greedy and self-absorbed and the more money, the fancier the car, clothes and home. There is no more love thy neighbor or Sunday family dinners and we have become expectant of items to enhance our lives such as ipods, ipads, kindles and so on.

The Silence

The silence in this house really is strange as I am used to Ry being here with me. It’s not easy getting used to entering a house by yourself when you was always noise when you opened the door before. It’s comforting in a way and peaceful and I can lie on my couch in my jeans and topless.

I decided to treat myself since I have been put through hell. I went cyber shopping and bought some corsets, over the boobs and a couple under the boobs. They are fun white, red, and black and pink-they are going to be fun to wear, I put them on and take some pics and then put them away in hopes one day I can wear them for my great love.

Sometimes you just have got to reward yourself because nobody else will reward you that’s for sure. I like lingerie, I like it a lot and think every woman should wear lingerie, for herself if no one else. We are sexual beings and should enjoy the simple pleasures of life and lingerie is one of them.

Beautiful Day

It’s such a beautiful day, it’s one of those days that the breeze is warm and it’s not to hot out, one of those days that you want to whirl in a circle outside with your head tilted back and feeling wonderful.

It’s the kind of day you can hug yourself and smile because you’re thinking of someone special and how good it will feel wh their arms are around you. It’s the kind of day you wear jeans and cowboy boots and kick at the dirt as you are thinking of that special person.

I do so hope this trip is fun and exciting as I need fun and excitement for a change and I am so wanting to feel his arms around me. Hopefully, I no longer will have to dream of his warm body next to mine, but finally feel it. I believe what I feel is real and I believe we belong together but only time will tell.

I bet Albany is just beautiful this time of year because Michigan sure is and the weather, well this is just perfect weather and I wish I were fishing right about now. It’s just such a beautiful day and I am so relaxed and that is how I plan to be my entire vacation.

I already know Shelby will be calling me telling me that Ryan isn’t picking up, typical kid stuff that will stop when she is in college so I hope. It won’t be long before they are both gone so a phone call or two is welcome at this point in my life.

A perfect day tomorrow would be taking off on time, getting my luggage and making it to the hotel, Mr. Joe shows up and is waiting in the lobby for me, we have a light lunch and go to my room and drop off my luggage and go for a walk and just talk.

Then go back to my room and talk some more until I no longer can keep my hands off of him and I make the first move. If I do that, that will be something because I’m shy, really I am very shy but I think my body has a mind of it’s own these days and will attack him like a tigress, lol.

No Fly Zone


I have confirmed my trip to ny and you have got to check out this place I plan on staying at omg it is awesome, so awesome and beautiful. I am looking forward to twelve days of bliss and they even have a jacuzzi to damn good to be true. I hate driving and that really stressed me out so if I rent a car, I have to possibly kill several hundred people to get to my motel, that would not be a good thing I assure you.

I just wish I knew someone from the area that I could hang with and just have some fun but of course I know not a fucking soul in ny. I have been good to myself I spent some money on some new hot lingerie and going to have to be my own photographer it looks like.

Can’t believe it’s Tuesday and I’m leaving Monday, I guess I should start to pack, lol I hate packing it totally sux. It’s been absolutely beautiful weather here and I bet its gorgeous up north with the fall colors coming in. I’m fine going by myself after I looked at the place but damn it looks like so much fun for more than one.

No one to  bother me for like 14 days, that rocks!

Build Up/Splatter

I have built up in my mind a perfect week, a perfect week coming up just my week, me alone with no worries. I get on the plane and as usual I am thinking of him and the anticipation and excitement have gotten me so turned on I can do nothing but bring out my little buddy.

I pleasure myself, yes right there in my seat as no one is sitting next to me and I just happen to have on my standard attire, a summer dress with no panties on. I rest my head back after having a wonderfully pleasing orgasm that required me to stifle myself with pleasure.

I lean my head back and close my eyes, wondering who is this masked crusader that I am meeting? Is he fucking superman in a leotard, please no, is he the obvious BatMan? O my could he even be one of those terrible little ugly teletubbies?

As I am lost in thought, I hear the landing gear lock into place and I feel us descend. I open my eyes and cannot wait to get off the plane as usual. I pick up the rental  car and my luggage and I head to the burbs to my motel with a kitchenette.

This girl loves to cook and stay naked and that is the majority of my agenda for the week. Cook, feed him, bathe him, talk with him, get stupid and silly and just hole up for a week and do not a damn thing but relax. Of course I’m pulling out my number love of lingerie and the naked body is a given but one must feel sexy and desirable and lingerie does just that.

I check in unpack, which I hate to do and I change clothes, like several hundred times because I’m so nervous. Should I stay in my sundress or dress in lingerie and take a nap? I end up taking a quick shower and putting back on my sundress and a clean pair of white lace boy short panties, just because I like the feel and they make me feel sexy.

You do not buy bananas without their peels now do you? Well, I am the banana and my lingerie is the peel. It’s comfortable, sexy, pretty and romantic but do I want him to think I’m an easy lay when the fact is I’m not below stooping to just taking some from him.

The biggest fear I have is I will be sitting there and never hear from him and that would so kill me but yes it would not surprise me if he stood me up. I have a plan b I assure you and that plan is to enjoy myself with or without him. 

It would be a dream come true to finally meet him and quiet all the questions but if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen and that chapter of my life is completely over. No, we cannot be friends, no you do not get a second chance to hurt me, no there are no excuses.

I pray to God this doesn’t happen to me because I am afraid that it might just put me in a very bad mind set and I have fought for to long and to hard to get my illness under control. Please do not do that to me, please?