The Color Of Art

Did you know the colors you choose say a lot about the state of your mind? Art comes in all forms, shapes and colors yet we are not encouraging our children to express themselves with color. If your child is good ast a sport then everyone is cheering them on.

A child that is good at art, technology or free expression is not encouraged nearly as much, if at all. Art is self expression, emotional release and a teller of all inner tales that lie deep within us. Everyone is an artist in there own right and the form they choose to express themselves is not up to you.

You do not have to like someones are but you should respect it as it is a part of that person. Art is used to let go, let go of all that makes you angry, sad, happy, empty, loved, hated, admired and every other emotion that we may have.

The making of a great artist is passing the boundaries, challenging themselves to a new dimension and never accepting the word “no”. An artist explores the part of their mind that wants expression and self doubt is not to be allowed to enter the room.

Never underestimate the form of art that you present to the world, not everyone is going to like your work but who gives a fuck? I mean really, I do not give a fuck about others opinions as I refuse to let them make their mark on my face like cheap make-up in the rain.

I need not another’s acceptance as that is like masturbating in the rain and I really don’t like to get fucked without a bit of lubrication, if you know what I mean. Many judge me by my age and that is so damn foolish, don’t they know I’m still a wild child?

Keep showing the world what is inside of you and you may even surprise yourself on occasion