Sports Thighs

Well this appears to be my lucky month as I am meeting another guy, he is a bit young 32 but he is ready, willing and able. He is 6’4″ and skates behind a hockey stick professionally. I have been chatting with him on skype and he seems to be looking for the exact same thing I am.

I love tall men and the taller the better and handsome, omg definitely and he is Italian on top of it all. I think I fell in a bucket of shit and came out smelling like the rose. I think I might have found myself a new photographer who knows and the best thing of all is I just got some hot new dresses.

Let me just say the dresses are revealing all over and if you wore a garterbelt you could see it. I think I will wear it the first time we meet strictly for shock affect, lmao. I so love shocking people and watching their reaction because people would never expect to have someone take off their jacket and you can see their body, like really see it.

Doing things like that is what I love to do, they are spontaneous, funny, shocking and flooring to people and their reactions are priceless. I know I am immature and childish, disgusting and revolting but damn I am fun and I can keep myself entertained quite nicely.

The Question

The thought of running my fingers through his hair and how soft to the touch it was and looking into his eyes that made you want to melt. Walking hand in hand and sharing a simple conversation on a crisp fall evening made him so alluring to me. His jeans hugged his ass so sweetly and you just want to pinch it or at the very least, pat it.

He is silly and goofy and he is funny as he tries to outsmart me, I just laugh at his feeble attempts to stop me from moving on my journey and he wishes he could be on that journey with me. He is intelligent and sexy, serious and aloof and he can be such a, such a pain at times.

Who am I writing about? Who do you think I am writing about? Someone I met last week or someone I have known for years? You figure it out and if you can ease your questioning mind, great and if you lead yourself further into jealousy and anger then you lose now don’t you.

The Surprize

Has anyone ever said to you that they wanted to do something special for you? Then you begin to wonder if they were serious or not? Then you begin to wonder what someone could possibly get you based on what they know of you. My husband never bought me a single thing that I liked and always bought me vacuum type of gifts.

I can’t think of anything I need or what anyone could possibly buy me, I know it’s odd for a female not to care for gifts but I actually do not like getting gifts as I get embarrassed. I find it so embarrassing to receive a gift from someone and I have no idea why but I feel funny accepting a gift.

So here I sit wondering what this secret surprise is supposed to be and when am I to get it? On my birthday? I doubt it and bet it was just lip service. I don’t need to get excited over this because I seriously doubt that I will be receiving anything and that’s ok to but don’t talk shit if you can’t follow through.

The Silence

The silence in this house really is strange as I am used to Ry being here with me. It’s not easy getting used to entering a house by yourself when you was always noise when you opened the door before. It’s comforting in a way and peaceful and I can lie on my couch in my jeans and topless.

I decided to treat myself since I have been put through hell. I went cyber shopping and bought some corsets, over the boobs and a couple under the boobs. They are fun white, red, and black and pink-they are going to be fun to wear, I put them on and take some pics and then put them away in hopes one day I can wear them for my great love.

Sometimes you just have got to reward yourself because nobody else will reward you that’s for sure. I like lingerie, I like it a lot and think every woman should wear lingerie, for herself if no one else. We are sexual beings and should enjoy the simple pleasures of life and lingerie is one of them.

White Christmas

I am watching a movie called mixed nuts and the soundtrack and the storyline are Christmas related. The movie made me think of the last time I enjoyed Christmas. I was twelve years old and wanted a blue parka jacket and I had opened all of my gifts and there was no jacket.

My grandmother came over with presents for us and when I opened the gift it was a green parka jacket. I was kind of down that it was green but then it hit me, I had the jacket I wanted, maybe not the color but never the less I finally had a warm jacket to wear while waiting for the bus.


I enjoyed Christmas watching the kids open their gifts but other than that I haven’t had a nice Christmas since I was twelve. I know this may come as a shock but a new vacuum or floor cleaner just doesn’t make a Christmas for the “little lady”.

I hope this Christmas is different and I have someone to share it with as that is what makes Christmas so happy. I like sledding and throwing snowballs, drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows and playing in the snow. 

I really enjoy shopping at Christmas, all the smells, pretty lights, decorations and the excitement in the air. I like holidays because they can be so romantic and it’s a time to show your feelings for the person you are with. Christmas can be so fun with the right person.

I hope my son has a girlfriend because “love” is so sweet during the holidays, I have no doubt Leo will still be in the picture and that will make Shelby very happy. Christmas is all about kids and that includes the kid in us because when you feed that inner child, life is so much better.