Kid Silly

I do some really silly things because that is how I roll and one of those things involves whip cream in a can. Today’s kids go into the grocery and get high off of the gas inside the can but I chose to eat it, lol. I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about that can of cream in the fridge waiting just to be squirted.

I like squirting whip cream into my mouth and I like to spray in on a man and lick it off. I like to squirt it on the puppies noses and watch them lick it off. Whip cream is fun and tastes good and now they even make it in chocolate, be still my beating heart. I chased Ryan around with the can and sprayed him, lol.

You have to do silly things with your kids because life is always so serious and these silly moments make us laugh. Ryan was running around the house and then he would reverse and go the other way, making it hard for me to catch him. I like the sound of laughter from my kids and I really like when we can laugh together.

Foodie 101

I am a foodie, I love everything about food from planting that first seed to serving it at the table. One would think I eat a lot but the truth is I do not. When I go out to eat I am hungry and I order a lot of food but I can never get past the soup or salad. I enjoy preparing food for others and knowing they are eating something they have never tried excites me.

When I was a child I drank milk right from the teet and eggs freshly laid without worry of getting sick. We can no longer eat our foods that way and safety is up to ourselves. I am fanatical about washing fruits and veggies and cooking most meats to the proper temperature.

Temperatures are not the only thing we must concerns ourselves with and I was reminded of that yesterday. Ryan and James decided to make a cake from box and Ryan told James not to lick the beaters because of salmonella. I was impressed that my son remembered the dangers of raw egg.

I have had food poisoning one time and it was terrible, my stomach hurt so bad and when I wasn’t throwing up I was shitting like a goose and sometimes it was simultaneously and it really left a shitty mess. 

Heavy Cream

I still do childish things but one thing that I do not like is when someone drinks out of the milk container. That is just, I don’t know something that turns me off. Now let the truth be known the empty whip cream can in the fridge is irritating at best. I still grab the can and squirt it in my mouth like a kid.

I still like peanut butter and jelly to and I am a Jif peanut butter girl. Some things never change and that is one of them, I will always love ice cream as well. All the women in my family have been ice cream lovers and I really like chocolate chocolate ice cream, I like the real rich kind made with cream instead of fake crap.

I also still like red velvet cake with green cream cheese frosting, my great grandmother made me that cake every year and I still hold on to that memory on my birthday, don’t ask me why the frosting was green, she probably asked me what color I wanted it. There are just some things from our childhood’s that stick with us.


Twink Me

I was at the grocery yesterday and it was quite noticeable that Hostess wasn’t there. I do not know what grievances are on the table but I do hope they work out their issues because some people were irate that they couldn’t buy those nasty twinkies. I take twinkies and deep fry them for the kids.

I also make chocolate chip buttermilk pancakes, I like cooking for anyone but it is really nice when the kids tell me I have made something awesome. My son begs me to make Tres Leche and he will eat the entire thing by himself so I only make it once in a while. I like making different things like angel food cake or fill hoagie buns with beef tenderloin, peppers and onions, now that is good eating. 

I make all this food but never eat it, lol, I think just being around all that food automatically makes you full and that is weird but true. My grandmother used to make these huge Sunday dinners and not eat a single bite, she would pick after everyone was done and she was doing the dishes.

Some people do not understand why Southern people insist on feeding you all the time. Many southerners where poor and had little or nothing at all to eat and when things got better for them sharing a meal was something you just did. I think dinner time is a great time for everyone to get together and just chat and tell anything new going on.

It’s Fall Yall

It’s a beautiful fall day in southeastern michigan as the sun peeks out before the evenings cold turns it into a partial moonlight. The nights grow cold and the fields filled with dormant weeds and grass along with flowers and bees. It is the time of year we snuggle, sip hot cocoa and nibble on cookies by the fire.

It’s a romantic time of year, the time of year relationships start or end and the warmth of two bodies is so appealing it’s as if you no longer care who’s body is next to yours just as long as there is one. It’s all in a dream of the dark and the under the warm covers of the night.

There is nothing that compares to fall or fall love and romance and things are so solemn in the air of the night. We pull out the night gowns, the ones that are warm but so unattractive and all he does is spoon with us at night and pull that night gown up to the middle of our backs anyway.

Give Me

You say you love me and we are soulmates, then show me you love me, want me, to be with me. Show me you care, show me something because I need something to believe in again, something to hold on to again. I love you so much and you know it but you do nothing but work, working yourself sick you are.

I had this naughty little fantasy about you and I cooking in the nude, we were surrounded by fruits and vegetables and you bent over and oops I dropped a carrot up your ass. Anyway this isn’t the blog to  post details about how my naughty little mind and tongue works but we had fun with all sorts of foods.

See, what you do to me, you make me think thoughts that make me crazy and it isn’t fair, no fair at all. I do hope if we ever do you meet you have eaten your post toasties, cheerios and wheaties because I am going to tear your latino ass up, you hear me? Ya, you sit back and laugh, we will see who is the last one laughing mr.

So do something wonderful for my birthday will you? No, calling isn’t what I am referring to I am talking about something really exciting and kinky, fun and crazy. Come on show me your wild side, some may think you a shy boy but get past that and you are a wild one that hasn’t met your match face to face.


I really like fall and walking hand in hand in the park, enjoying the fall colors and the cool air. I like hot cider and donuts and fresh apples to bake apple strudel, fritters, pies ect. This time of year is so damn lonely for me as I have no one to walk with and enjoy the weather with.

The fall is so gloomy and really brings be down and I can see nothing but clouds and no sunshine. I need sunshine to keep me from getting the winter blues. My stalker I will never meet and trying to wean myself from that situation as it is not beneficial to me what so ever. I wish I knew what he wanted from me or if he has just gotten so caught up I am like drinking coffee every morning or reading the paper. 

It’s as if I have become  a habit or a good novel to keep up with. He sees how I am fighting and does nothing to help me so I guess he really doesn’t care and why should he anyway?

What The Hell

I only woke up once last night and ran into the great room looking for Ryan, he has severely traumatized me. I see his lips turning blue and I gag. I can finally eat and shit like a normal body should. I finally got my bedroom almost clean and the great room furniture moved around.

I am starting to get motivated again which is great because my son has made me very depressed and when people post things on my fb which I know are pointed at me it really hurts and makes my life so much harder. I am sitting on the couch now eating a frozen stouffer’s dinner of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and green beans and carrots.

I usually do my own cooking but it’s been draining running to the hospitals and will start cooking soon. I’m wearing a wife beater t shirt and shorts and I am mentally fried. This situation with my son makes me shake my head and say what the fuck. I can do nothing for my son as I have done all I can and pray that he is in a long term care.

I finally feel relief and can breathe again but my son is really mad at me and I do not know why. I am assuming he is pissed over something related to my husband. He has to deal with the anger before his life will get better and I hope he can get rid of his demons.